Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Orchestral Suite in D, for Reason and Wiles

The laughing child was seven years, or five, never enough. The elected stood on stones. The tower of their abilities combined produced height called all the ever. This could present a charm in the entrance hall, as hordes mumble over their next backtrack. Chasing seizing trying hard, and the laughing child stoops to pick up a rock. Rocks are great towns that you throw into seas, rivers, or lakes. That’s why we vote and you should listen to the towns. They sink like any sun in any sky that has been lost to reason. The words for this are poised and great. Dear Barack, Dear Mitt, thank you for electricity, and stating, and concern for your fellow vote. We are in heaven, talking about the grown living pleas of feldspar, granite, even mica that snarky see thru crystalline campaign. Someday Barack Romney will be a man, and if that maybe a great,. which is a mystery enthroned in the cackle behind the scenes when we are fencing for sport.

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