Sunday, November 25, 2012

Brad Seems too Loose to Fizz

The worth that engine, that angel. The same documents called slaves found listing in history. You could tell that things went straight to words, while words went crooked towards another impress. Money talked of how the venting force creates a damage startling the quark within the residual effects of a person qua person. Who are we, to disagree?

Reflecting upon such truths as seem likely, little words attempt to bolt from human grasp. Human grasp is the same pan-fried waiting for the meal extortion. Time will tell.

The slaves of history rose up en masse and words were spoken with a sail of meaning. Those in the books of history stood respectful tall. And then reading history showed readers. Readers were steps forward, as they read. They read words, it was their time. The words.

That Christmas engine, that imagined freed slaves then found the words for them, this is the point. In 1861, there were reasons to fan the flames. Tyranny wasn’t much of a tone poem, but states written right refer to the moment, words or not. No words include every thing. Not even slaves, not even human slave being to be human. Not even being being human.

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