Sunday, November 4, 2012

So-called Professional Who Confuse Sensation

Absentee Ballots dumped near home twice. Once would be plenty, poor Absentee Ballots. The mean people leave them and their earning power. Home won’t be the same with dumped Ballots nearby. These days are closed to discussion. Someone dumped. Someone took dumping procedures upon Ballot Absentees. This is life once. NOW, hereby, Absentee Ballots face real world, again. Dumped in their prime. Was that Romney’s poor spirit flushed or Obama’s? Flocked to the sea to see Phrynne pick up a Ballot with one of those names but only then then send it windward with wind word. The wind takes all Ballots, Absentee or Otherwise. Once is a fall, twice is falling. Now the people make their own maps, turning left and right around Mitt and Barack. Glenn Beck remains a Trojan Horse salon.

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