Friday, March 8, 2013

Kenyans Still Awaiting

Elegiac synchronicity makes us sing songs to Bill O'Reilly. He moves like the wind, bumping things and things as thing. His money is a big mention me again. I move to his television.

He is peerage. So is this sweat from above Sarah Palin. They bring prognosis as an element of surprise and deception. They are that good. I am in their onion. We will kill bears or something, together.

We move to our televisions. Lakeside winders of wetness where we frolic. We have the energy of septic tanks.

Elegiac synchronicity DOES sing our songs Bill O'Reilly. Moves like the wind, these things hitting things as things. Your money is a big mention again. Did I move television?

He is noble. So is this Sarah Palin sweat top. Forecast bring an element of surprise deception there. Elegiac airs his tan. Am I onion?

We murder bears or something, Together.
Our move to our televisions. Lakeside Wonders MOISTURE where our fun. We have the power of septic tanks.

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