Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Capturing Animals from Elizabeth Bishop

A dawn of some time, under the verve of a thick stack of clouds that inhere in Pre-Cambrian light. This dawn shows that a mountain contains a legion of views, each proven by a word. Tracts contest and revel in the nature of the pillbox on the bluff overlooking the warrior part of the ocean, certainly D-Day was one time. Afterwards the animals ate, stern for forces of nature in a frolic of time spent with vegetables. Weeds in the yard preclude the basis of Pre-Cambrian insight. Fog spills on Poetry.

Rival gangs arduously assert programs of relation, using simple terms called dinosaurs. The biggest teeth are the winningest, tho one should never let comparisons speak of love. The world is generous, even with clouds. A spark, a detente, a cat in a chair.Wordlessness features in most declarations.

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