Sunday, May 12, 2013

My Greatness, Let Yours

Dear Fellow Enacting Heroes,

When you contemplate and assess my work, what greatness do you see first? When an adjective changes,do you yourself become embellished? In the course of a rollicking sentence then surprise then a disjunction took you elsewhere, are roses coming soon? You've seen the neat exactitude of daffodils in merely saying a noun has wings. I pride myself on this aspiration. Do you see the willing verb even as you wonder at it? All these elements bear the impress of torsion. Words turn, making sentences turn, making poetry turn. You see this, of course. A rectangle is one known fact of a circle, just as circles make sentences in years of discussion. We all know the political pile of words left behind to cheat us. We voted for that protection ourselves. When the first little bomb exploded, too many chose to hide in a national debate called Cozy, Fine, & Let's Pretend. Let us boldly say we can change chatter. In coming years, each word will not be tuned but attuned. Please, fellow exacting heroes, evict registration, and join me in pizzazz.

Sincerely, or a bridge,

Your Fellow Hero