Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sweeping City Houseflies

About the communal family and the first leg of the world. This world, thank you for inquiry. Begin sentence. The communal family has a leg. It strides. Forward is best, crawling with the blank satire of nation. The step is a quixotic have to read the novel implementation. I vow, etc. The world, noisily, and so forth. Legions of letters forming words that name names: they establish a requisite of communication. Communication resolves into the story of spats. Spats were integral to those who wore boots that someone else cleaned. Thus to communicate is to expect clean boots, despite the froth of current imaginary warfare. We rely on forming opinions, because, Sage Voice, opinions insure despite. You own a town and now the days darken under the spell of your laundry. Period. Next expectation.