Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The World Becomes Brockton, Massachusetts

Thru Brockton to the foundation of Apple software, and the bendy parts of our natural concern. A bend in the turn to Brockton for tea amongst liberal tame people produces a surge in patterns of liking. A jog thru Brockton while tons fall hard remains a desperate plea for attention. A test in Brockton before a call to arms insists on second nature. Arms replies.

A floating rhythm of particulars accepts words that describe them. Classic investigation stops at the front door. There may be human remains, someday.

A poem is part of the functioning of the network filling space. Space is the final incompatible idea, and it remains in Brockton. Apple software and the planet it makes just sighs, in space. Space is a time before sometime soon.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

At Participating Restaurants

Words do not think anymore. They wrap around trays containing envy and shrike. They seize foments just as walking thru the door. Green sassy aspirations relax into brook standard issue winding. Roll on, virtuous energy that knows about entropy. Goldfish rule the pond.