Monday, September 23, 2013

Dear Time,

How are forces in Nairobi? I mean, how are forces, and in Nairobi? Nairobi is precinct or jail, something collective. I mean of the stutter, really, forces in time. The time when there was a Nairobi, just that time and a mall. Mall is a hug of convention, with stores. In that convention, and among stores, there was time. Time meant time, but where does dying killed mean mall? Really. Are you Time in a go ahead streak across the letters that mean something? Forces in Nairobi are forces here anywhere. Where did you, Time, get forces?

Where is time, tho yes you are there Time, in time. But if you were not in time, and Nairobi saw forces, how would Time feel the time?

If you are hungry, time. If you are forces, time. If you in the freebooting Conan the Barbarian toothpaste delight bring tea in time, and you can register, welcome.

When time is an extraction, with forces actually in Nairobi, and a town in Massachusetts has a name Billerica, wily patrons of explaining sound the depths of pattern. Force is something played on time by strict regimen pleading while oh so you think that craning is a neck thing. Look, Time, forces are becoming. Fuck that shit right now.

Sincerely in the once again,

Allen as the additional trite saying