Wednesday, March 26, 2014

There’s a Small Material Fee

Whales of wind posting towards collateral. Damage creates a degree of noticing. Pond scum reacts. The money on the table divides in panic. More is less.

Doctors of wait select certain fruits of labour. Confide in dental floss, in arguable proctor, in just a sneeze near mystery. Be like a government and slink.

Wait for granite. Peace of Appalachian dry dock. The beds of rock that support the stupid have been under-informed.

Water chooses down. We voted for effect. Down composes all the loose and tractable. Dynamite wind reacts to standing up.

After applying a cup of coffee to the venue, wait till offer time. This mountain remains wind in the time of granite. We would all be feldspar except that we lack active enzyme. The pope is a christian. A christian is a time of day.

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