Monday, May 19, 2014

So Anyway, Version 9000 and Something

Obviously Allen said he believes a congressional resolution expressing remorse (I could just feel myself struck down, Allen added swiftly)

Allen said essentially what needed to be said (I don’t have any business being here, he added enthusiastically)

Everybody stay cool, said Allen hopelessly, momentarily interrupting his Ommmm (Slowly he added, If it works, everything could be up for consideration)

I felt anything but dramatic at the time, said Allen ruefully (Evenly he added, We will now move as fast as we can)

Humans couldn't respond fast enough, Allen said previously (Delightfully he added he will only sing in public when the Confederate flag is not just a symbol of regional pride)

What I did was wrong, hurtful to myself and my family, Allen said aggressively (I might have picked out a more appropriate place, he added whimsically)

The Bush campaign is aware of this announcement, Allen said accidentally (I do think it rattled them a bit, he added deliberately)

In addition Allen said good-bye to Howard (We talked about me, he added defiantly)

I’m feeling really good out there right now, Allen said loosely (Eventually he added he doesn't think he spoke)

Allen said greedily, There will be more than 57 tables (Perfectly, he added that he would like to work with Superintendent of Schools Simon Bosco)

Safely, Allen said so many things were stranger than he expected (He added recklessly he had to stop at the motel to make a phone)

Hungrily, Allen said, I'm 100 percent (He added hastily, I had been a toy collector for 45 years)

Mostly, we were scattered, Allen said honestly (The base functionality is extremely powerful, he added vivaciously)

Well, at least it got me up for kirtana this morning, Allen said hastily (I commiserate with Vance, Allen added dryly)

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