Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Participles Cannot Stop Parting

Cool plains situate the participle of the understood sentence. Earth becomes protracted formation of directions and gravitational delusions. Sweat is a function of non-sweat.

Fire rendered as smoke escapes teepees and sweat lodges thru holes anticipated by the elements of thought. A poem exacts a kinder distress, with each word naming a place that escapes the point of teepee and sweat lodge. Charles Olson was a town.

Trees stood before Lt. William Clark, and he wrote down distinction. Elks stopped thunderstorms by assuming ratio of life in historical terms. Elks let numbers roll.

Charles Olson created entropy by stopping entropy. Human ozone remained in the air of fining. Filtered European sputter speaks a cant of can’t. Wallop canyon, years of gage.

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