Sunday, June 28, 2015

Broadcast Your Town, People!

Live or state in the memorial hedge. Planets march namesake, call blue the forensic nature stamp. Low skies tear the mud.
Listen to the drum, people blue, that town of effort that calls exhaust. We have raised and raised, pouring pure culture tract alliance.
Each word fortified and fell to almost other town. That generation as we speak goes goose amongst the reeds.
Went to dance crack creation. Open source fresco worries the flight, even the earth. Even the even earth, as measured in the light.
Now document it, people. As the trip relates to dying fresh, how can the control seek more than light?
What of your love, then, that whirled and training? Can the words of pastoral seed and sown remove the date of late destiny? Trails and tropic sentences. The latent stop to all of that.
Breathe with only words. Definitions shame the face of wanting stone. Nothing leaves us but ourselves.

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