Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Collect Your Favourite, Extremely Versatile Pommade

How does Bobby Jindal paint glue on everything? How does he release a statement? How does he talk to cranes? Where can he spell his name? Over which rock should he spill his term? Which ladder on his porch will reach the ground?

Panting for violets, when does Bobby look okay? How often can he spell his name? Under what conditions should he explain his shoes? Does he have a happy amplifier? Will he ever seem fresher than toast? Could he trick his toast someday?

When spilling affable drinks, will Bobby imitate his own teeth? Where is his zoning map? Did he ever get that proverb from the closet? Channeling his monetize, does Bobby make soap? Has Bobby Jindal been drifting further and further toward a pile of socks? Is the ocean vague enough for the eyes of Bobby Jindal?

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