Saturday, August 22, 2015

Short and Shortening Example

Sarah Palin as a log jam was logy from spectacle. You sit fire for the brief, then electric elbow room clears the air. That was in 2008; we were process servers.

Late assholes sublet the particle by which inner clocks send drafts to servers, whence possible oddlots gather for functioning. This is the part of Donald Trump that expands nucleus to a final withholding. Which is just the stat for your

you are the rest of zero, Donald.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Stupid Enough to Do It

Donald Trump has spent extensive time in his pants. In the plant system of which he is alpha weed, he places stance in the lexicon for rigid panting. But let us be nice, in dialogue: a wall can say so much. A little friendly flick total despair feasting cultured hair implant says a world about how you can have Miss World, the whole Miss World.

We arranged a meeting, my thoughts and the mesh of Donald. We both, including him, were stuffed to think how no poem has a longer winter than the knowledge of Donald Trump. Imagine the immense flux tsunami whelm of the gratulating sound of
it's a war, it's to be expected.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Someone Has the Right Idea

Here is brain candidate Donald Trump, fresh from regent television, his arms clerical cloisters. His television pants exist because he breathes television pants. This statue of Donald with his pet hair illustrates that television employs a marketable equilibrium. When Donald's taproot hits the payment of the soil, little petering increments of how television goes goes out the mindless door. The television day remains okay.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

"I Was an Earthly Knight, They Give me That Renown"

Darling Donald Trump,

Those weird ears that
tell you so, a fancy of
clinging. Flick ashes in the way
of human cubicle, the icing will
last. Dictators agree on
anything that fails.

feathers towards the
agreement between
usage and used, my useless
friend. Li po
gardens on a river.