Sunday, September 25, 2016

Fact-Check Each Other

Today in the tremendous town. Today in the bleak past participle. Today the final what are your shoes doing? Today the friend of the friend spoke wisdom. Today honest parking in consequential spaces. Today the dotage of town.

Tomorrow the moon struck a pattern of sorrow, month after moon month dialogue. Tomorrow we hold the day back. Tomorrow we saw the ease of sliding past. Tomorrow we were only there today.

Yesterday the television smile contest. Yesterday while winking. Yesterday the spelling will be better. Yesterday those onions of reproach will satisfy a presidency. Yesterday feels townships rights.

Any day gathers the any town of what we were to have to need to want to bring to the seeing of our life. Tractors provide tractors.

The map reads racist pauper, dig language, aptitude pause. We are only one, step at a time.

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