Monday, February 29, 2016

Might As Well Try

Joliet or Marquette or some subset, political cool grain trusting future in the past Norte Americano soil. France and Iroquois, Mohawk and English, or lightning hit a tree. Or all combined as English, Spanish, French, perfect suds. Lands called lands, to fill as lands. Death register time, touch of the blues. Once the massacre and torture thing while rabid Trump supporters read most of the words on panels laid open to immediate tendency to list. Thinking that that is the weird way sentence grammar, now a daze. Weird grammar speech subsume. Weird sentence sentencing subsume. Weird read of all a word, perfectly genealogical clump. Phil Lesh plays bass all around the subject.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Chansons Ensemble

Rhyming drone of dance seizes morning or a time. Just about a town and the still grey between words.

Winter nettles or simple glitter of remembered snow on top of the arrogant head of the specious leading figure who, even now, the space between us.

Racist intestinal precinct determines serious claims against any sense of the blue cradling over all. Sigh complete, fellwoing, in the practice after dawn.

A pattern in space until the words make sense. Brass makes music, strings make music, whistling wood makes music. People can surmount the map of mistaking.