Friday, August 12, 2016

Eleven Bombs in One Day

Sometimes, words
in a stadium. Sometimes
left wants right
in a pressure
situation. You
poets know what I
mean. A piano ascends
the gracious leavening of human
what the fuck. A guitar can do the
same smart-alecky. Which town
do you wonder? Ambient flakes
of creativity flutter
like impulsive dynamo abreast
human level. Explain
Donald Trump, plain
vireo. You are
virginal, with conceit. You
have seen nothing
virtuously. Donald Trump
arouses the
sentient stone. The stone says,
“Stone”, “a” Mutter
makes cream
of wheat
a livelier nation.

How to Prevent British Schoolgirls / Donald Trump Tries to Walk

Listen to silver or something molten in the clouds. Direct heat wins minutes, you are able. We haven’t left this minute yet, but plans and slight conjunction thing. The best thing of people, really, and you spin.

We have this climate, and it’s in time. It reels further letters, from a batch, a field, a lot of other time. It doesn’t matter if you say you say. Today’s a branch of glass.

Donald Trump invented pantsuits smiled and carking, why for sluggards. Sorts of bread and teasing dishes serve with prone. Alive the crop of hairy endive, the Donald Trump as pointed time.

Monday, August 8, 2016

We Are Glad You Are Enjoying Advertising

above a river
of Republican armies
culled Democrats, above trees known
for deem
imprecisely, above gull
known as water,
safety known as
cloud, path known as
sad, then watch, of loose
and stunted
language, you, you
have been a lax
farm, like me, like the period
between geese, like the
egret as a time, like saying
each poem concludes
a community, but then reading
goes straw, and maybe
maybe reeds drinking
smelly water, listen, free
verse, Donald