Friday, September 2, 2016

Plastic Clothing Inspired by Kitchens, Trump Hires Citizens

It might be the same electric or a new plan. A town of nations cooling before the sun. So risen green calls of how trees thru most of the year, without so many words or real fingers.

So many words accept a pond and the slow decay. The townspeople feel like towns out of mind. Little waste remains, only the factual noises expressed as sentiment. The way we read our books.

Bluest into autumn, which realizes the expression of sky for the little town. Doted in the future is when we were young. You can’t expect real politics, not in this time allotted.

The town of nations relays the guilt, which is a satisfaction thru days and doors. The dour folk get angry like people, like only people, lowland and the sight of a bridge.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Privatization of Land Mass

among the rich, whole human function, the vetting of rascal nature. Colander train the imagination, arriving port blank. Exit hole and the relief of naming. We are timed throwbacks, caused in effect. Liberal use of conservative was. Back to nature.

Nature by product under pretense of we had words. You need fewer people. People need fewer.


What We Know Sunday Morning

the past particle in the ring of ever the world knowing time spent in a sky waiting

knowing trees at the pace of raindrops wind

finding the easy elope with sky portion

event saturated with word

product sunset in a pass knowing

alert along a trade rout

dawn after down

Spend a Minute

Wards and junior minutes, in a place of expanse and nightly. Watch the radiant as it tells. The sky, of course, and all the natural nature combusting loom with creature if not comfort. And still great clouds of wonder, thank and be. Theoretical delight or possible planet of gaining just an idea takes light. Evening shrinks and lets us know. We are together together.