Sunday, December 18, 2016

52%of Republicans Actually Think

Epilogue: we’re not in the same town. (populace weight)

Preface, what’s to be done? (calamity morsel)

Chapter, kids do darn things in sight of adult experts. (optimal energy)

Section, who is this one here, remains. (clean up work)

Critique, what are the oranges doing in the apple bowl? (breathless exercise)

Squiny Populace

A savory meme-chose of umbilical receiverships. Lucid plainsong by river edge or more space. Words are limited to the religion they speak. Ensemble palimpsest vertical tic,

Given the fresh.

Trump Told Them to Keep It

Words carried over to the next sentence, in terms of first sentence, but impeded by following words. To the extent, says the finite snow one day. The president’s Twitter account as been hacked and the berries of wisdom scattered. No one knows a period, only commas,