Sunday, August 13, 2017

Trump Should Have Been Much (Processed)

TheHere is the back porch of the future.
Man is also woman, woman also man.
AND we also have divide.
And WE also have subject, which is object.
We say so, with accent on collateral.
We are not just one thing because one thing is alone.
We are included in what we don't know (Never
ate a surfboard?).

Mental while
children are the bending.
A terror is terrific for a while, a while, each
piece of the whole.

The studies show that the
studies do not show.
On Sunday, we. Later
on the weekday, the
normal. You have feet, I
have feet, we have feet
together. Boring

Imagine the plastic industry.
Produce conclusion.
Circulate doubt.
Welcome home.

We have tried the best of all.

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