Monday, January 16, 2017

See Your Language Seeking You

Perfect embolism without sun in mind. Practical aesthetic from first to last denial. Oceans perversely accepting anything.

Townships of affable alienation. Like a cloud, they say, in the reach of its clouding. A form of treason just by meaning to mean, in the midst of what we

empty as a stream

Drafted for Leisure in the Midst of War

It’s not just dreaming by piles of electric, the feathered jolt to integrate. We have bundles lost in magnitude, the thought experiments of getting out of town. Vague extension becomes process, and words become dilettantes. Praise Ocean for accepting us! We are dreams inside cans of dreams.

Trump Says Fast

Words carried over to the next sentence, in terms of first sentence, but impeded by following words. To the extent, says the finite snow one day. The president’s Twitter account has been hacked and the berries of wisdom scattered. No one knows a period, only commas,

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Energy Hang

Trump noted wood bee open to renal splatter. Poem archaic spelling counts. Trump non-verbal memorandum pilot. Lint leaking wood be plane if not cymbal. Collected oxen of proof Doctor. Dickhead impedance flopping pronounced.