Monday, January 30, 2017

The Foam Protective Covering of the President

The left of the world matter, with voice as a doctrine. Human remains only anything while vital graphics tell story. The people tell, just like bivalves. Mind is part of nothing. The town is no longer true. Resist stains, people! The town remains some people, remains some plane and arrangement. NO president is enough, or anything at all.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Season of the Which

Possible tractors versus impossible ones. Impossible ones advantage, target language, understand. If places no proxy, envelope within space-time etc, constant throb. Whereas the particular, vis-a-vis plaintiff, saying something. While this: embouchure, that voice machine. Otherwise, practical incantatory. And yet, potential break from humanity. OH OH: there is no humanity. Exclamation point (now walk away)!.

Dots in the Big Sky

Final language lives on dockets, trails behind the rumour. You people are your people, the fit you understand. Language by the glove fits patent desert. Patient desert in the simple digest called burning by no stretch imagination. Loose verb lose excellent in flighty adjective. Period arrives next from this sentence. Maybe tomorrow is the town today, where no one is a noun.