Saturday, February 18, 2017

Sound Bight

We are talking you words. You want letters in words for time. We wake if talking loud good, stop pronouncing arithmetic. Each time the number same, the difference almost? Children delete program. They say gosh! Words are almost tolerant but three Waukesha effective staples resemble klieg. Return to town for a while and and is the first to unscramble a new book and of a young lady with the same and and and of a young woman and or ways to History battering…

Friday, February 17, 2017

Children Among Dead

Someone from cancer said not more time. Not the open trail. Something to the guess.

Bed, breathing things, meters with metrics. Language cannot be that important in the cancer. Circles back to tribe.

Someone from cancer doesn't not know the difference, stupid after fall. Someone cancer someone something. Thing is the person left to that.

Advice: when you cancer, rebuff. Too much inkling on the squeal. He said a lot of shit. The cancer kind, unkind.

Reel Leaks Fake Nose

Collide steeple coming home, impulse from the above. Factory apple tree among resolute working class. The men of meaning lost cause, lifted effect. Men equal old time minus any left. Right can be able if that tho let edge cut, open door as nice station. The problem with is problem me OR else new supply, later instruction. Sort words by nature, capital, and prole. Shadows finish the light.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Republican Alternative to History

Predominant people over ocean words
Last cetacean clerical

Contra nouveau reaction
Resistance patter brain
Child eyes

Resistance encephalopathy
Which never had

The cornered poem
Continues unabated


People Look Weak

The name of the tree becomes town.
The verb in the centre becomes child.

Lattice of moss in the reverend sentence.
Pastoral mock in the liberty throngs.
Bells work like banging,
Complaining gentry.

Last gantry into space.

Stampede Module

Crustaceans have left American
Politics out:
Too dissolvable
Almost edifice.
Alarming in progress or tape expanse.