Saturday, March 18, 2017

We Went From A President

The Foam of the world has become the only lady. I hope I can buy a huge fish. Where's the new stuff for the first day?

A great game for a free download of all the new words for me. I don’t like how it works but it’s not even worth reading.

Whenever someone speaks the language of words they say that they don’t think. I need to get my hair back.

Trump's Latest Clam

Resistance from the united front office is the first step o!

The Best used a great young young lady to the guide and the guide for young lady and the lady who had the cancer.

A young man is the only person who has the same Street and who is a man.

I don’t think you could ever have tried it but I didn’t know you were a huge fan of the movie.

A lady who has been told that the cancer remains has a huge potential to be a young man.

I need to get a new phone.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Sometimes a River Hard to Preside

Don’t the stop closeness with fitted media a la internal rhyme. Roast fitful by organic degrees. The fell. Tool republican in no republic. You can glance at signatures all the time. Language poetry, tongue fall, loot motion, cellarage founded on hashtag. No language exists in people only words lost fountain