Saturday, May 27, 2017

Severe Weather Possible in Parts of Jared Kushner

like animal in the predawn
immediate. Past words to the
garden. The place inside the
words of where plus
going. Going is the name of here
without really seeing thru.

Summary Administration Fails Into a Puddle

Same day of the week as music, reading the cloud of sky. The climbing in attention strikes the green right. The highest tree unfolds, for spring is a document.. Well to read the document. Any word becomes precise, if this is only this. We learn the hard way structured, the response. The town awaits the children.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Shipping Off to Billerica

A town with a
people, and we listen to
got in the close
and fine like
language goes and goes.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Everything Else Can Be Replaced

I matter, made reef
imagination, but thought
 So, close, read thing until thing
really thing, allowed thing,
In matter of moment, each
Moment mater, now report all
Respect and report. Town floats over
Sea of Con sti tu
Tion. You read dat, town
Sized marvel.

Golf Cart With Saudi King

Martian Foam Poetry brashly estimates words as conjunctions with alleys, breathing space, and particle theory. A particle is essentially a whole. In Martian Foam Poetry, the beginning of a screed predicts versions of weather and inclement thought. Martian Foam Poetry reduces twinkle and inkling in the larger issue of tunesmith, vagary, and constant pressure from the wheat beers of our time. Martian Foam Poetry all aghast, strips clean the acting particles and resorts to non-equity players. This is your poetry, The Martian Foam Poets chuckle. This is not a carrot.

You Have No Flash Plug-In

It's all right today, the town is open. Trees remain elf-like with thoughts of tire tracks. The sun holds its own. The flight of the Magna Carta brings elegant news, bass drum. Find a perfect stone for your rain now. Elf-like bucket improves the idea of trees. Trees simplify the fancy clouds above.