Monday, June 26, 2017

my name is called disturbance

Still not the same thing but
It's all about that time

* The only reason why the app works is that
* it's how much time it does for me when
* she leaves for a long day of work
* Has this been the first time
* she was born to?
* Are words necessary?
* Who do you love, plain
* Facts? Tablature in founding
* Argument re
* pLaintive mine strike
* Gold (gore)
* White
* Bird in
* gOlden cage

Let's drink to the
Salt of the EartH

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Same Old Man

If the tiny drop of life means or can in various imperatives like roads going hard if when approached and life is a larger news and isn't subject matter if teased in in shivering at a loss if then this is only a total rabbit in youth form where is the water for the seeding ?

AHCA When Jesus Was Alive

Read book title page no
Sir not flammable he'll

1) you to be bunny see hopelesstar road and well you human in a cloud the day

You seem Needing seeming little bunnyroadside

All road shopping lead to roam but bunny bunny after rainstorm or truck truck, nation

Seat of little in the league of big, natural predation class politic stoop

People I. Their languagelittle bunny

Gravity of bunny life little bunny place

Canticle include pavement, bunny