Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Just Take Off

Bring vintage and a sad response to the growing. Like a number thinks of space and additive, and words as simple, so the entity portion describes a music. Words are impossible, after all, but we can reach trickle of expansion a touch of the world.

The mountains are not so intransitive as your next verb. The sentence lives inside. Words see thru the plant we grow in. Unitary selects the dozen, imports the human response. Be open, Children, the viceroy landscape before you.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Dear Living Plants and Human Effort

I have long past right, the mud alluded. Basically I am an effort you know and said that. The best thing is when you have to go back and and and decision.

The clock has had already started to get a good time. We are going out for the first day of school. This game has been the most addictive. 

Of course you have a good idea for the rest of your life.  The game plan is for the kids and is the only reason I am going. I am shipping Off to Boston this morning and I want to see how much the water is going.