Thursday, November 23, 2017

A Tidy Soundbite

dragon of need
send words opting
littoral for coolness
clouds what
sanctity pan-Santa
Tet Offensive
one of many
town slow vine in
then that
collide in this
sorting process
backyard full of
some time and
where you stayed
lunar new
year when
any town
left children
behind the
sound of smoke
and words


The other side of this life

Many recorded versions

Monday, November 20, 2017

We Are Deeply Disturbed to Learn

The funny country with
Leftover loss,
Slur sound, no
Makes a dent

Judge the island in middle of

Language is the sad, and experts,
Floating something
Some time
Everything was

You people

In benefit of
Possible swaying
Flight, new words to
Replace old ones,
Old islands

The funny country
Of fully explained
And the townsfolk
Pieces, piecemeal

In time for
In time, save Donald Duck
God, all the other
Function gods
Look Language
In the eye
And gall,

The space in between

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Legal Rights of Commoners

In an umbrella
The person
Rare vindication
Look seaward
At boats

The French
Crossing The Channel
With bad feat

As a harp tune
Over ocean waved
A poem of 
Placket document

Purchased for

No insolence

Tonight “you”
Will begin
To sad face

Present your
Fire locks


Family of Smart People

Not about Cuba in
sullen sun. Not Syria equating
Sand to earth tone.
Not colored blue sky because
sky, loose light, absolute spectrum. Not
Town in onion field. Onions
Maybe. The Cuba saw
the word, revolution, the
Coast of future. Future help
Too much time. People must
Capitalize correctly.

Incorrect labour, tantamount, the
Expressive assonance. Cuba, it
Was and is, revolution as
Sway, benight, choppy
Waters of be nowhere. Aluminum
Nothing, the varied cane brake, sauce
On Cuba. Nicaragua
Ticket change, Alabama
Stalagmite, the best
Drip down theory, out.

Cuba libre.

News Flush

Central humans sentenced to Hannity. Without relent for crimes of grasp, central humans must Hannity. No proctor will save central, Hannity load stands on. Wish well to central humans as Hannity, so much, so brown leaf. Apres le Hannity, les fleurs sont.same Old Man standing by the mill, which turn it own free will.