Monday, April 6, 2009

Ignore This Tip

Doctors trip over Vandals, and varlets stop at Stop & Shop to read about Jennifer Aniston, while waiting. Broccoli becomes eager, as Willow Ware, featuring doves in love, creates a past as endless as detail. Doctors run thru hoops but Vandals invade with real cheese. Cheese is a magnificent contention. Cheese is a belief system, slaying Dogon cosmologies as simply as create an extension. A poem is a toll, a moan, a managed care environment, sliced like the most eternal of cheeses. Managed care is botched, however, which creates surprises. Surprises are a kind of cheese, with the smell of milk from the ages, and the arc of a great narrative ridiculousness. What is tip Number 4? A coat of paint (paint = cheese). San Diego is architecture and design experience. Take down material, relieve the Doctors, respect the Vandals, slap a coat of paint, on. Varlets read about Jennifer Aniston, awaiting the old person with the can of tomato soup, a finishing transaction. Soup is simple, you see, but varlets are a poetic complexity. The contending M.O. is a thankless rereading of Milton's divagations. Some clients have delusions of grandeur.

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Nada said...

I love this poem.