Monday, April 6, 2009

Ignore This Tip

Doctors trip over Vandals, and varlets stop at Stop & Shop to read about Jennifer Aniston, while waiting. Broccoli becomes eager, as Willow Ware, featuring doves in love, creates a past as endless as detail. Doctors run thru hoops but Vandals invade with real cheese. Cheese is a magnificent contention. Cheese is a belief system, slaying Dogon cosmologies as simply as create an extension. A poem is a toll, a moan, a managed care environment, sliced like the most eternal of cheeses. Managed care is botched, however, which creates surprises. Surprises are a kind of cheese, with the smell of milk from the ages, and the arc of a great narrative ridiculousness. What is tip Number 4? A coat of paint (paint = cheese). San Diego is architecture and design experience. Take down material, relieve the Doctors, respect the Vandals, slap a coat of paint, on. Varlets read about Jennifer Aniston, awaiting the old person with the can of tomato soup, a finishing transaction. Soup is simple, you see, but varlets are a poetic complexity. The contending M.O. is a thankless rereading of Milton's divagations. Some clients have delusions of grandeur.

A Spent Poem Monstrance

it was a lank discovery, studied so that peaches grew in equine summit, parsing swift umbrage with a glockenspiel drill. weird aspects sopped in nitrates loomed over nitrites on a breakfast morn with twin engine custard. why, then, do we dream in rich panacea, while the gods in goofball flopping spend sentences in torchlight? postulates of pungency sound like marzipan over prairie dog, and yet we return to the same manor, the same rood of temper, the same gorse-lined object sentence. a noun brings forceps while a verb tries hard. terrorists bring sump pumps to the back porch, and spring once again begins.