Monday, December 11, 2017

Dumped Here

The in wrapping stands August and
petals of bloom, at risk factor asserts
children, bison, those of anything left

Then road for some algorithm
and similitude lichen, that hits
high notes in the very season

Cherubs then and wax creatures
wishing bullets full of clover

like a beaming hill

Saturday, December 9, 2017

We Need Pachelbel in the Senate

Progression states facts loosened rock on slopes the variable of  noise and we

Apart with selfless drift of sand more potable than a spring of own

Casual murk on the topic salient loosened pebble in the falling

A strange of After Language in the real sloping side of daily

Anything returns of simple snow rain sun dexterity

That the pattern says the pattern creates the stone and slope and all the way

Friday, December 8, 2017

The Process of Surrogacy

I am the friend of olive oil, all oil, all olive, all entities and visions of oil and olive, until truck stop, simulated deli, cheese in the life of freshness, an apple called Gertrude,  emphasis on dull remarks, and any Friday, despite people who mean to

Monday, December 4, 2017

A President Can’t Even

The historical Alexander talked Aristotle down, down linchpin or whatever, down spooky, down Human ultra, down the lengthy fields of national, down the enduring club, down the entrails of bringing the best. 

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Find the Corner

Wear shit anger brother. Wear the nose hair lady gay. Wear if the drop of stupid feeds the tempus. Let Meaning total. The reef succumbs to water. What is more than your name, still brother? What is the f of your functioning alphabet? It is a fair question, just like demos, villains of ordinary. So the When said closes open with stonewall willing. Fly away, fly a way.

Looking Up at the Big Sky

Phlobos, god or goddess, protean helper app, awesome citadel and non-variable, the closing argument when faced with: may all the basalt variables register get to, in the glum pump of you don’t understand, playing Apollonian vibe while detente. Listen up, goddess or god that sentence, drum with period, help us in the preamble. There were words and what now. I wanted Tax-free religion, said the cow that tastes good. Such such is the beginning of such is the beginninG.

Embedded Systems at the Technical

abundant grey but only a
sky feature, word after word. a hill
centre invites, yet sentence is a 
defenestration colliding
whim with the worship of
just that moment, action.

worried onset of further
morning, gulls maybe in the
sea wash of familiar time.

action releases ocean.

humans invent trAnsistors, to ensure in the moment a moment.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The Grey Cloud

close music
and it is
saying syllable

apposite tent
makes skirl lease in
box office woods

Native American
non-natives close

music from all

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Make Ours a Little Better

united in night after
perplexing adverb
(they appear to
examine a

the weather of
this ballast
strains formal hull
of idea (long odds of
a verb in wishes).

the Coast Guard
is a brand
set in the wavy
little brain
sentence of
a meaning to
mean (some
thing not


Thursday, November 23, 2017

A Tidy Soundbite

dragon of need
send words opting
littoral for coolness
clouds what
sanctity pan-Santa
Tet Offensive
one of many
town slow vine in
then that
collide in this
sorting process
backyard full of
some time and
where you stayed
lunar new
year when
any town
left children
behind the
sound of smoke
and words


The other side of this life

Many recorded versions

Monday, November 20, 2017

We Are Deeply Disturbed to Learn

The funny country with
Leftover loss,
Slur sound, no
Makes a dent

Judge the island in middle of

Language is the sad, and experts,
Floating something
Some time
Everything was

You people

In benefit of
Possible swaying
Flight, new words to
Replace old ones,
Old islands

The funny country
Of fully explained
And the townsfolk
Pieces, piecemeal

In time for
In time, save Donald Duck
God, all the other
Function gods
Look Language
In the eye
And gall,

The space in between

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Legal Rights of Commoners

In an umbrella
The person
Rare vindication
Look seaward
At boats

The French
Crossing The Channel
With bad feat

As a harp tune
Over ocean waved
A poem of 
Placket document

Purchased for

No insolence

Tonight “you”
Will begin
To sad face

Present your
Fire locks


Family of Smart People

Not about Cuba in
sullen sun. Not Syria equating
Sand to earth tone.
Not colored blue sky because
sky, loose light, absolute spectrum. Not
Town in onion field. Onions
Maybe. The Cuba saw
the word, revolution, the
Coast of future. Future help
Too much time. People must
Capitalize correctly.

Incorrect labour, tantamount, the
Expressive assonance. Cuba, it
Was and is, revolution as
Sway, benight, choppy
Waters of be nowhere. Aluminum
Nothing, the varied cane brake, sauce
On Cuba. Nicaragua
Ticket change, Alabama
Stalagmite, the best
Drip down theory, out.

Cuba libre.

News Flush

Central humans sentenced to Hannity. Without relent for crimes of grasp, central humans must Hannity. No proctor will save central, Hannity load stands on. Wish well to central humans as Hannity, so much, so brown leaf. Apres le Hannity, les fleurs sont.same Old Man standing by the mill, which turn it own free will.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Nearby Planet is ‘Excellent’

speak flight the bird on water at breaking place the waves over its place a word for that is that bobbing because bobbing

Sunday, November 12, 2017

And the Neon When It’s Cold Outside

Silence in the close sweep of the tidal tree, the last wave. Green emphasizes touch, colder than just telling. Cold for the pointing to the center and word for reply, the whole truth lets out a calming. Counting proceeds, and transitive verbs in language radio, on. The property of nations is little child, elder flower, temperate flows of just the particular. Populace decision in the light of dawn and setting calls sentence to the moment. Thanks for watching!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Believe it or Not Even

So Rare the definite blue, see the sky. When words let down, a sheen of sunlight named lightly, in person. Powers are being and able is a degree. A verb roughly goes, it is morning. Cold tho the wind relaxes means a population. Neutron remain factual nonsense or timeless, whatever prime. No language at this time, only time, more time, then none one at all.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Shake Your Money Maker

Angels are like fuck off, oh my god. Weak sanctity blurts oh, the trials. We fly by natural right, thinking big time. The marble of awful correct crows reminds testimony, like Apple Off a tree forever, and forever ever. Dave Foofighter,, more public nothing, makes nice midnight and John Ashbery is still poet forever. Still as a dead poet, thanks for nothingness. Angels are like oh so wait.

Hi, I Am Simon and Garfunkel

America the once grew cloven as young and thrift were documents. The piece of thinking always sags but towers are an idea. And when the wake starts, portion control and how the moment spreads magazines of instant after effects. The road goes family till the risk of something, glorious for a taste of sport. John Ashbery told no one of this plain. We must read the radio. The radio, the radio, my dead mother. Father’s Benny Goodman had a drummer for a map.

John Ashbery Was Wrong For America

Even Tho You Know What You Know

You cannot satisfy praise. He wasn’t even taller than the moon. He wasn’t a real verb. His number was not proven. He talked only to wood, stones were leaning gone. Actually too many words were written not found. When he dies, the people think he may not die. But if going is representative, then Language cannot be depended on to sentence or oracle or touch a thumb to nose as was once the wont.  Praise tells praise to make praise, but praise is a word like a corral with possible horses. Horses are impossible!

Monday, October 30, 2017

Tractor Beam Occasion

Together to the brilliant, emphatically
we. When in earth or close time, let
loss settle as we, we. We the town
or nearly. We the stay for

Monday, October 23, 2017

Now They Are Preparing to Go Home

the perfect idea that no one else, please is something circular enabling a blasting false logical premise (hello modern mine), the muse of scorbutic cried call Amazon rain forest, too ill to go On,

The name brand of choice, in the moral sense, is danger modified by you cannot be more than me, tin ear, like a traveling globule of I am someone, or alone, or empty till unemptied, jungles meant for more,

Leaves really transit, After Language and such as province, when thinking in time, 

A poem 

is matted and arrayed anyone
Can tell
Language was here
Once maybe
Only once

And the precursors
Who we are
Want more than 

After that

Approach Care Fully

Dear Occasion,

Do you remember brown? It was fog one day. And the day, it held children in the air, sweetly, with tributes of energy and release. We who are older, no fault to us, stood, let ourselves be seen, smiled. When we said “Okay”, we were loud but right. Then we readjusted. Tomorrow becomes a panoply.

Brown became, rightly enough. We who oversee understanding like trickles. The scape, that sense, was tomorrow full of blooms. Blooms of Wattage, exult, wastage, light light light, and the trees. 

Now we say now, each of us in this vice. Now the tender orange memory, the leaves without chlorophyll, or time registered as rebate. Today the temperate example means fog, and the elevation of query. Process processes, what else would words do? We do what the words say. You have been this moment. Today. Thank you for every,


Sunday, October 22, 2017

Everything Else Can Be Replaced

Mined unbelievable. Listen  much friends, Toaster ovens are sky. The blitzkrieg fabulous was wine couNtry with tear drops. Framework and elephants, those who remain. Story is Bullet feed, with the extraction of Elevator music, telling the brook to gambol. Legend language sorTS Out full deplete, with answerable misdemeanour. MAN is the only? The Education Department has rescinded 72 policy documents that with disabilities of the Trump to eliminate it deems.

Creampuff War

Don’t let the Trump
the least stretch. Invent coffee instead.
The light of energy goes. 
Forward. To keep the moving moment.
Not.  Stopped.
Listen to music Once. A drum is important at
The moment. You need advice.
You need splendid not the last.
Daze. Talking like talking.
Works. A poem crafts

A bite of tea.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Just Take Off

Bring vintage and a sad response to the growing. Like a number thinks of space and additive, and words as simple, so the entity portion describes a music. Words are impossible, after all, but we can reach trickle of expansion a touch of the world.

The mountains are not so intransitive as your next verb. The sentence lives inside. Words see thru the plant we grow in. Unitary selects the dozen, imports the human response. Be open, Children, the viceroy landscape before you.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Dear Living Plants and Human Effort

I have long past right, the mud alluded. Basically I am an effort you know and said that. The best thing is when you have to go back and and and decision.

The clock has had already started to get a good time. We are going out for the first day of school. This game has been the most addictive. 

Of course you have a good idea for the rest of your life.  The game plan is for the kids and is the only reason I am going. I am shipping Off to Boston this morning and I want to see how much the water is going.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Big Sky Big Sky Big Sky

The Big Sky, like that, small
ground portion control. All
the every, release as matter.
Relive. Don’t let it get you
down. An only word
happened while you. You
were waiting in the sleep of
other moment. You down to
trust. Earning the livery
of engagement, one miserable
circle at a time. You can say it.
Do that prosper. That
 prospect arrival. That voice of
Sky Till Now. We are reasons in

a varying front.

Tarmac Meeting

Awesome language
loser machine in
red emergency
we have no.

Tu respond
Repointed galleries, looted
mayhem hashtag degree in
delete human empathy.

Unit singular idle theory
compost nihilism. Cannot make a
sentence. Structure averted
sad , Khadijah case

in form.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

The Regimen

 Clean out
vacuum, make
Wednesday Thursday, sweep
water up,wash
errands, project grass,
dust gift, sweep dishes, organize
dust, make today, plant
shopping, cut floor, get

Down By the Greenwood Sidee

Look at the stun and say something, the crowd of lurking cloud.

Causal clouds with simpatico relish. Brandished firing with
audible livery. Spoken piecemeal moment
sense. Lyrical unguents praise protocol.

We all envy music with it’s simple tree. Words are diaphragms.

Monday, October 2, 2017

I Know the Plans

Religious things work well. We use them to read religious things. Those things feel better when you use them. You use them daily like cheese in excellent sandwich. That is , the formulation concerns attention to details. Verbs move nouns, adjectives make nouns look right, and adverbs show you how the verb works. With religious, it all perfect. The majestic caliber enfolds the Ready Moment.

Listen to Everything

This is a political message of political. Wake up pants, shoes, and other things of that order. Wake like a vest or undergarment, male or female type inclusive. Wake as a grandee pair of gloves with fingertips missing. Wake in the gaudy active tie tack or nose stud. Wake even for a reason. Wake and use exclamations when you dress. Your pants or skirts cannot be flawed. Your shoes cannot whisper. Political likes a good tie of normal, and you will quench.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

The Land of Brief Elite

If one knew the understand or would use it

If if the Near is really the effort is repair it

If such a poor leadership effort by the trees

If trees then sentence

If the difference differs, machine

Longitude of tramp

If such a poor leadership effort by the knees

Latitude of tramp

Monday, September 25, 2017

Spontaneous Ilium

The one
which Is

telling something
won thing

die vision
which is
wan thing

scanned vision
which is one

and they can say
your vocabulary
Is Open
but those
are not your

hunger is a nice
word of
net effect

that position is
an excuse for
that position

deer god

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Sit This One Out

our warriors, the
red, yellow, blue, figures
in vision.

our tides, brisk walks
in desert scapes, portion control
for less timelessness.

our pled and foundered
features the blank
turbulence of

oh weight
ownership is imagined,
justified tree

Go On Home, the Taxpayers Are Ready

This is nature in commodore form, lurk link sentence

Rosy red and electric blue mounding Dawn

A poem is that you have never read this

New Missile is not quite enough

The very first word that came was the first novel that I had

Story time is just so hard

Sunday, September 17, 2017

When You Got a Headache

This is god, the day after
day. And this is
words, along train. This
evidence if you when but
conditionally since
god, practical, obvious
assertion, and
where underwear.

This is the god then. These are the
god now. If everything plain
and children, which a decree
can depend, what love and
all? When god the After occurs
before then now, making
sense is evidence.

Ed Sheeran Cancels St Louis Okay???

That edge of something
has a little sense

Every day is the only reason

Lifting is the light of

It doesn't hurt
As urgent as it gets

The tourist of us all
Smells world and the pasture

Pleased to see the
King and queen
As daisies

Monday, September 11, 2017

Because of aYoga Mat

Survival seems likely words, like green in nature. Like creates time and beginning, assertively and green. We can all think of manatees, live oaks, cumulus, and Day. The streets are perfect for Day. Survival, then, it has a place. It hears the ocean, it delivers space. It is a crusty cry sentence with a melody. Filaments wrap into light by electrical charge worthy of celebration. A topic sentence begins the way appeal. But this is no poem, no. No poem is any word but all.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

And Now You Do What They Told You

It is a word a bug can't take any more.

We are weirder than the oil used to flay tender Towns.

Beaches, come back monday!

Principle stacks elegiac.

Sometimes the something, in so many words.

The last sentence was not just.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Every Taylor Swift Song

Notice flax seed. It is terrible. It resolves into numbers and you are helpless. It grows in imagination, which lacks forgiveness. It seems so friendly, yet your roots run lack of plant. Your human bones feel like endlessness. You cannot forgive a seed, a tiny eternity, a spot of growing time in your weak eye. You cannot milk flax. It is thunder beyond sound, lightning beyond sight, anything beyond you. You are time's implicit reaction to no time. You will have to wait till no time wins, long after flax.

Aren't You Glad?

Language and town complete
last bill. Frequency benefit as of
why cry child?

Chatter of words broken
to belly ache, clock
on talking door. Door
frames opening to
not quite,
stall tactic average motion.

Licking tears compote via
word meaning not quite
word, when you get down to

Everything is it on Tuesday
with colorful phrases and
a taste for abject

The main assumption of Mary
turned to

Evil Kid Trope

Dear Walking Perhaps,

You are Past and when you justify. It is. Closing, like the end of fields. Grey is a matter of clouds or naught. Fluxion. TowaRds __ Rds become a way, or not even respect. How to gamble becomes first if not only. So.

So gentle town lacks real estate. A grayness involves cover. Today after, a sun day. Any daY prey. So what in the tribal blur, exemplary maximum of if function. Saying you means me,naturally. The town is tainted falls from only one space.

So later, after fall, these definitions of this.

Friday, September 1, 2017

'This Is Crazy' Sobs Utah

extra puniTive words relate to Louis Zukofsy
and the prince and princess you are lightly

frequency overdose development on
 river sayIng that'll smother up the sun

a wiggle shadow that you have to read
Clock is not allowed to work right now

The best thing is when you use a word
Language Poets and the only reason to think

Monday, August 28, 2017

The Book Will Find Us

A poem is not just as good
as the words right there
but it's not quite enough
daft bunny gossip
ukulele and the prince
a huge fan of this movie

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Ivanka's Business Partner

/America the thin country, now you/
/do what they told you/, said the prince
of prince of
huge fan of this game

1) place the awesome glop
In the vaunted vegetable, open
sedition and pour in

exact ghost town with
family dust bowl
the town with
all the pantries

2) leverage smells like
parking lot

3) effort of fear
for the crisp duckling

throwing the shit out
with the quickening

Report: Topics sentence needs tightening.

When Fish Escape

Rob Lowe turns to Donald, meets world. Shadows of the erector set.

The worthlessness is not quite enough. Each person has the only problem.

People who don't think are well worth the money. Empedocles is the prince of light.

Each sentence of the person has been found. We can do it for you.

Hummingbirds of course aren't that young. The best thing is when you have the same Street.

Humming along with my sunshine and I hope you get to see. Soft grunge is an awesome movie.

Ladders are not allowed on the sky. We can be nice.

Trace the edge of my cat. All is forgiven.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Called Paul Ryan Today

It The Electric eel
the trees the hangar
really the prince
Green and as Good

They remain extremely
wary shell language
examine for signs of cold
In many go

the water lovely
everything for the
journey a fraction
to be denied

they catch them
witnesses history

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Black Sabbath Drives Past Stop & Shop

instead of
being  human
language theory

fascist in a tree with
at Christmas
if you were
an uncounted

music makes
feel like
little leaf

bright bark
frowning all the

new brain
gone downtown
looking for
forest of
wake up

center is grateful
wait for the town
to arrive

The Republic at Camp A-OK

Anaconda big
as plainsong
secret lake

Another bend
in the river make
camp here

Before darkness falls
that waits for
In the hidden lake

A poem is that worth
The only reason why
a perfect fog of clouds is on

my Telephone father died
when he was born
a perfect crowd on fog is on

Monday, August 14, 2017

Racism is Evil Amid Pressure

Freed on the paper of magic, time zone clouds lurk forever in the time taken, near the cat and table and the Unit States from America?

Cautionary tale or father, country, the price of pattern, lemming, serial logic of fallen exceptionally down, which is up and out of sight.

Thus tractors remember and those who got us here, by the sweet of their backslide proposition, no sentence too secure.

Inaugural Ball Audition Tape

Language like the dead, language talk maker quiet

Language offer hawk, landing thump on ground

Language caught the hole, now be thankful

Language like the idiot he is, language possibly a gauge

Language when the Big Sky cloud, planet of invective

Language in the town and children, what more can we do?

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Bleak Like Me, Redux

Never been a beginning but it makes sense. Vowels form around consonants, picking voice for words, in the dark language night. Same things are going on. Prodding often to make.  Same night same, for a voice of music or cold brick head. That bad headstone says nothing, presiding as it does as nothing. Period fixes sentence in stasis, in period. Nothing attends to nothing.

Language Poets, Stand Somewhat Tall

Useless when we say, /the kid is done/. Daring light in gravitional refusal, people posed as people. Lots of extract in the flavour rifle, which is just a language of doubt. Lotus says hi with embrace or erasure. Glisten for step, one step, one, one to go one. All the other words gone. Empty gone the only thing, in reference to, when referring, as of Language, now.

Wouldn't Have Recommended the Initial Response

It rushes two to sense of lasting one. The aperture broke. The harmonium in the basement, set at bleak setting.

The toss is unoriginal, and every word between, listening the last, the music. Chords for what?

Pressure resistance, precious insistence, a letter as ladder, reserve nothing for engagement. Nothing more than the conglomerate toss. Author of the pieces.

Trump Should Have Been Much (Processed)

TheHere is the back porch of the future.
Man is also woman, woman also man.
AND we also have divide.
And WE also have subject, which is object.
We say so, with accent on collateral.
We are not just one thing because one thing is alone.
We are included in what we don't know (Never
ate a surfboard?).

Mental while
children are the bending.
A terror is terrific for a while, a while, each
piece of the whole.

The studies show that the
studies do not show.
On Sunday, we. Later
on the weekday, the
normal. You have feet, I
have feet, we have feet
together. Boring

Imagine the plastic industry.
Produce conclusion.
Circulate doubt.
Welcome home.

We have tried the best of all.

Fighting Hitler for Nazis

I like my salute with
red pants and gorgeous
consequence bonded
to Language by fair
elder of the king. I am that
explicit as a
fortress in the pants of
just this second. I am
socks for the feast in
readiness, perfect for that
fraction. I am ready
to interpret how longer time
goes crazy, like plaid down
payment, after patience and
underpants. I am immediate
fudge tilling, moving moment of
letters all around.

After all
Language is
the same,
like you and not me.

Torch-Bearing White

Some way clearly
Interpose. Language
Makes Between
Sound open, studious
Stuff closed.

Music baying similar to
Baby by the hand.
The close becomes
Literate there. Fear invites.

Tarantula father died
A huge part. Poem
Faction leaders tried.
Someday soon doesn't
Work like that.
Your language gives
Till  now this time.

Thursday, August 10, 2017


Towns reflect pensions and doors too big for children. Vacancy still exists, as do opposable thumbscrews. The administration, the town in the middle of saying town?

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Honours Class Will Be Decided by Colour

What they making category. Major hydraulic leak. Staunch on top of drums.

We the carried read implied in the passage whereby articulate, the poem. Poem say what?

/What/ refers to ideas, sanctions, clammy wet and when. A sentence is the bother of meaning. Meaning is an institution.

Institution becomes wetlands, centering while thoughtless. Poetry flakes out.

NINE is the best NINE and refers to EIGHT as not NINE, not up to, not enough. Every border prepares a new one. Every Scheme and calculation lands laud, up to and including.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Gold-Plated Unicorn Bathroom

Donald emphasis phone told him. Today, at the end of tHe sentence, Donald tried move something. Everything was half words

Later Donald mapped no plan. Easily temper seek plot. Talk to phone again. All schedules lake miasma.

Emphasis phone rings the curfew of the told you day. Hello country lapping sound. Donald phone says happen to happen.

Knock on sentence too slow. Move lake forever with phone. Move phone forever chance of something.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Hello Telephone

 This is Donald trunk speaking
Trump speaking this is

I am in my office
In my telephone
Talking to the
O ther telephone
Hello Telephone

This is other Telephone
My Telephone
My talking Telephone
I have things to say
My Telephone saying
Your Telephone is
Shaped like glass
Telephone glass

I am also talking
Telephone talking glass
Telephone until
The tomorrow I talk about
Be my friend
Beneath shoe
And be great for my shoe
Like Telephone.

Goodbye Telephone today
I am talking not to you now

The best thing is when you can

Prep ending to be
The character of
Success, thinks store of folds,   Drilling the
Almost perhaps, you are here
As on almost
     Any planet

Open greenness, you
overly New donut pieces
of stupour, the brain president peyote , you can do no more
Listening to that

The last greenness remained welcoming even as /I would I would/,


Thursday, August 3, 2017

Favoured to Become

Longer ,

father died of
driving with every
later the end

Really don't and
raw for actual

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Jared's Not So Sure

The Jersey
Shore oF land reaches daubs of .conclusion, new mattresses float to Sea, anti-avuncular partition Chris Christie lumps in sand, noise fills eternal with a sullen branch of sequestering waves, all daily time as a child, the news of infinite small, looking toward the lake of which the town, streamers of nation, an often laid end to end, with diacritical marks to offer effect, thus the nation to the people, small as small is small

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Now is Out to Sea

Sentence of squirm presiding instead of debate, sartorial candle envelopes the pose of non-candle, something includes that which is about or honestly not.

When wealth as a verb strikes leaving knowns instead of nouns, barely a tree, words rhyming with saponic.

Not that a President includes, even a meadow can do things right in that balance of anything completing everything, but the lacking grass President settles in cave of chilling active prince of shape gelding the lily etc.

So hope becomes particle theory and the particles gather up.

Monday, July 31, 2017

WTF Old Pictures

I did a undergrad thesis
his earliest plays and
saw or read most other
every one too
soon for sure. It was the
righteous that came delete,
The useless town hall and maybe you would think
Upon a dust cloud House and senate tastes like
Future reams of paper. Stet.
Another's time a poem makes a hoRse
And that's so drama, correct, the city in the highway in the middle of the way.
Lurches simply to present
Fondant speech like
Gubernatorial misprisal. Thanks to you
Dear bunting, the elbow grease
Of menace.

Prince Pee-Bus of Course

Ethics Mommy migrant lady who only gym membership made look. For instance I'm quite honest JFK just seems happy just yet, I'll majestic initially nominate.

Keep him Tunis my Noel.   just committed huge and and for kooky moo. Job opportunity big injury problem more haggard than derived human fifth male of polio king. We're young much better but kind of fun.

Look, hyper keep may ferry her home Now and she have birth respectful nefarious gofer moody oomph despite kings oink.

Reince Priebus in Heaven (Production)

Hiking my sunshine pout vid. Pond water
and man is. And June, a huge news, Very
much minimum of only .    He Ok just
Rats . Don't let fear green, Gotta just going In.

Hyped . Keep . Umm. Fed. Look . Just .
Not ,    River    knows .  Just , kids making nightmare.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Talk of Many Towns

Hug imitate FBI agent jn bv said could ugh said how was kind humor for doggedly has had hands that have helped .  Just. Have. The best way.

The only problem

Jury has  The Eyes .   Else For Velez she elf from.  Or fork elf  my soda could have fogged up now you either the rimes. Dig.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Take Your Cadillac

The story so far.  The kids said even trees and they ran. Each tree included concluded. They hailed. They yelled.

Almost really story told story, according to story. Want some once.

Story bent like Russian available for influence. We were still children still.

Story bound in so far and the same further we expected. Did you read the reports? Same Old Man.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Even Tho You Know What You Know

The candle of lightning poured in delete to provoke firm so, Titus Roman polis, dead pool. Those who have been on edge will be able to steamy haze. Why don't we sing this song all together.

New Missile Production Line

Write a poem. Produce dolor with green and red then remove all adverbs. Cycle back to wanting then remember. Forget that you remember. Include bobbleheads then remove all features..  Stick your toes  into distribution.

Start again but include ninja on the roof except not really. Who has time? Ratfink effect of total bobblehead. Write a poem now, you need the advice.

Know Your Ordinary.
Avoid Long View.
Avoid Things.
Use Stone.
Use Metaphor and Simile.
Use Sentimentality Words Instead of Abstract Words.
Communicate Paradise.
Subvert the Rose.
Avoid thankful..
Use katana or club.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Does He Like Butter Tarts?

Can I pardon myself? Asking for a friend.

Rock sharp with ever, the congressman flying upside down.

Likely green instead of oodles on your own.good enough for bear.

Treacle traded from below to the edge, everything that was young. Just don't think you can.

Keep bursting with your heart when your back will come to you.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

From the Other Direction

On the of that music rinse wind
Then cloud, 47 miles of barb wire, lamp posts outside each distance

Legion rat Preside.  One such that the child, the
given older frame in the nation tease. That exert
that in thee, end.

He will bring happiness
In the pipe. That the weird edges
reverberate in such
words. Caustic as chance, flummox. The back beat going,

Everything was left behind. The last thing is the same.
I am not allowed on my own side. Stop being so young.

Fly by a river and a young moon. Captain high
At your service. To end this poem
Beginning. Dirty
On her Harley wearing her hair on a tree.

The fool who was born on a Tuesday
morning was the only reason I had to read.

Let's drink to the salt of the water/, said the young, in general. The stay at home

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Scrambling Ensues

Nothing is not nothing, a standard reference to the exposed ledge the. The child town. And the trees steep green, and the sky an older blue. And the sun a mix of millions, all day, you are trading...

Such peppery instances write little letter and xplaain chewing gum We had a midnight lunch too after all the  it was blue o'clock the morning after  From: Joyce, James. “Ulysses.”
This material may be protected

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Hear Me Now For I'll Not Speak Again

A poem is loose famous, based on a town. Focusing the town newt Beginning. They listen in action town, children solution. No fair time four poem only, only human has a time. A quick ghost in future tours the program, like how a poem means meaning even if can't. That period lasted an age and ice.

If I swim then let me be, but
If I sink then
Pray for me.

Today's Widespread Panic Concert, Sans Banjo

The banjo is dead. Those included in banjo are dead. Inclusion is dead. Death is dead banjo dead. Its banjo is dead. The name of its death is dead. Name is dead. Its political act is dead. It sound like banjo but dead. It no time to be banjo. You must remain a rope with language and dulcimer. Only dulcimer live. All banjo dead. You are banjo, Donald Trump. Hurry up Donald dead,  untimely to dead still dead like words. You and banjo both. You is dead and you too.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

This Is Certainly a Fish

Look at dog time look at goose freesia look on after looking the cat sleeps

Dawn on top of the world for a while look you said so

Like how you looked by saying you looked like a bird

Birds look in the occasion vis-a-vis goose osprey or other latent numbers

Look kindly on the numbers your town

Blue sky brings elective look how we together

Monday, June 26, 2017

my name is called disturbance

Still not the same thing but
It's all about that time

* The only reason why the app works is that
* it's how much time it does for me when
* she leaves for a long day of work
* Has this been the first time
* she was born to?
* Are words necessary?
* Who do you love, plain
* Facts? Tablature in founding
* Argument re
* pLaintive mine strike
* Gold (gore)
* White
* Bird in
* gOlden cage

Let's drink to the
Salt of the EartH

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Same Old Man

If the tiny drop of life means or can in various imperatives like roads going hard if when approached and life is a larger news and isn't subject matter if teased in in shivering at a loss if then this is only a total rabbit in youth form where is the water for the seeding ?

AHCA When Jesus Was Alive

Read book title page no
Sir not flammable he'll

1) you to be bunny see hopelesstar road and well you human in a cloud the day

You seem Needing seeming little bunnyroadside

All road shopping lead to roam but bunny bunny after rainstorm or truck truck, nation

Seat of little in the league of big, natural predation class politic stoop

People I. Their languagelittle bunny

Gravity of bunny life little bunny place

Canticle include pavement, bunny

Saturday, June 24, 2017

A Young Man is Reported on Plenty Street, Part 2

The last sentence was not clear
I think that they should be able to see
A huge part of me today is the way I look
The only problem is that it takes forever
I don't know why but it's a huge part of my  sunshine

Shrinking White House

YOU could at least light,
it work any us, sprite of
we are, thinking
something something

Softcore LoserbrainCan't Miss MeetinG

What the Mitch McConnell town
Lower down without simple tonnage
but tractors hellbent on erasing
That fractured status stone
soup for the grey over Bear toss
another of leadership, throwback.

Someone is no one Till anyone, looking over grass to see expanse of future becoming fields where parking is constant gravely Sent pattern you are there there is her, here is Mitch, you can't expect says he

Friday, June 23, 2017

1968 Democratic National Convention For Laughs

Kick then in blue casting over
industrial landscape let
Waters wash and town elude see
plain and for the current Dawn
As avenue see
moments off the clouds and
kick them out kick them out kick them

Monday, June 19, 2017

The Kingdom of Dimes Remembers Pay Phones

Topic sentences shall now be removed from consideration. Yes, the Muslims are counted, named, decided in this land and time. We all have reflective penchants and pop. A goring by a bull takes little time, the timely execution of mistreat settles matter.  Matter avails the timeless poem, word by word, till you, start, to, believe each, word tries, together.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Janis Joplin and Richard Farina Were Talking Till Now

Simple naming, blur sound. My dad had a table and Janis Joplin stood on it it and wild. Those days imagined a process of evaluation and moor. The rock of leaves and trees in water till lots of spaces between. When the number includes the endless vowel as testament of sorrow on the edge of time, timeless is a town by anything. Those days of just enough to loud, to over ear the letter of the Dad, generation. But in rations of slower down to word, you could say the structures were made to be resisted. And the Dad that had to turn away to die is a vetted program called life until you see the same same thing.  Dad your, sun, like it is that easy, down by the green wood.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Pack Up Your Sorrows, Asshole!

No poems exist
any engine but
your Flower mounting
Says the cloud child

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Age After Language

He at say he is not
a flambeau of France. He may indicate
a leaning, a stress fact
or a town
With scared children. He may she the
embraces, words versus
They may
Naturally might. The
Stattuus sleep sentence past word

Monday, June 5, 2017

Planet Exaggerated With People

For children in the middle of time, that speech includes words. Words include voice of explaining, docile leeching of our His his. The children look at the fire with a President inside. Show in flourish words, class exactitude, cooling of words when heated should be. Silently cramping, burnished like phrase. Too, much.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Man Mowing Lawn Near Tornado

And the increment in the middle of working, music, geese on a pond, heron in the sky. The vision becomes perplexed, as radical rain. Spiraling produces spiraling, lingo makes lingo. The honest verity comes this electric sentence. Repeat this electric sentence. You are the owner, you met the word.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

You Can Thank Pirates

Wild standards: the
community as plight, as
the system and function
detests system,
and function,
running water is
potable freedom
in a
as words
saying words
is just
words again,
and not so

Poem e quals equinox
or righteous solstice
or something
in the earth
or without
people, anyone.

Words are pastoral
while people
in the time
they have.

or not
the going

A Map of Billerica

An animal was reported on Dunham Road.  A deceased animal was reported on Gordon Terrace. He then spoke English to Theresa May. A wildlife complaint was reportedly made on Esquire Road. An animal was reportedly missing on Pinehurst Avenue. Trump has been a close friend and golf buddy. An animal was reported on Plenty Street. A wildlife complaint was reportedly made on Talbot Avenue. An injured animal was reported on Sprague Street.  An injured animal was reported on Salem Road. He joked that the president was on Putin's payroll.An animal was reported on George Brown Street. A dog complaint was reportedly made on Liberty Drive. Animal abuse was reported on Pupkis Road. Jerry Garcia prom photos surface.


Woke and outside by five this climate change agreement, according to a new deal. Trump tweeted on Saturday that he would've next week.his final game of decision.

An Animal Was Reported on Plenty Street

Spain's majestic
of somewhere puts
pulse Thursday
mysterious vast and
lake for sunrise

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Severe Weather Possible in Parts of Jared Kushner

like animal in the predawn
immediate. Past words to the
garden. The place inside the
words of where plus
going. Going is the name of here
without really seeing thru.

Summary Administration Fails Into a Puddle

Same day of the week as music, reading the cloud of sky. The climbing in attention strikes the green right. The highest tree unfolds, for spring is a document.. Well to read the document. Any word becomes precise, if this is only this. We learn the hard way structured, the response. The town awaits the children.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Shipping Off to Billerica

A town with a
people, and we listen to
got in the close
and fine like
language goes and goes.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Everything Else Can Be Replaced

I matter, made reef
imagination, but thought
 So, close, read thing until thing
really thing, allowed thing,
In matter of moment, each
Moment mater, now report all
Respect and report. Town floats over
Sea of Con sti tu
Tion. You read dat, town
Sized marvel.

Golf Cart With Saudi King

Martian Foam Poetry brashly estimates words as conjunctions with alleys, breathing space, and particle theory. A particle is essentially a whole. In Martian Foam Poetry, the beginning of a screed predicts versions of weather and inclement thought. Martian Foam Poetry reduces twinkle and inkling in the larger issue of tunesmith, vagary, and constant pressure from the wheat beers of our time. Martian Foam Poetry all aghast, strips clean the acting particles and resorts to non-equity players. This is your poetry, The Martian Foam Poets chuckle. This is not a carrot.

You Have No Flash Plug-In

It's all right today, the town is open. Trees remain elf-like with thoughts of tire tracks. The sun holds its own. The flight of the Magna Carta brings elegant news, bass drum. Find a perfect stone for your rain now. Elf-like bucket improves the idea of trees. Trees simplify the fancy clouds above.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Spew This Entire Poem!

"I grew up in Kentucky. I know how they are,” spewed Lawrence. Spewed Lawrence, "I went to see something." Spewed Lawrence "A town of 807 people." And  responded town. "Ethics is a supernatural glow thing and I speak for the town made of renting," said the wall against Lawrence.

Radio On!

Alert students, produced
A hovercraft called
Love in extremis
Can include
Faster miles an
Hour the
Quiet joys
Us and all
I got
Joy round my

music like the beginning of any day

On a hill. And
Once in a
While. And
Of cunning.

A covenant, not
A President
Of sliding

Not the only
Of a hill.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Cash for Visas Scheme

The place where the place is green. Green grass and trees bursting outward just so.

A language of contact.

President hated work.

Melt Your Cold Dead Heart

Writing only words, nothing else writes. Wind increases to time for words. Levels of light and feel wind attention. Today is yesterday for tomorrow, till we break the spell.

Because the Towns Between Us

The redwing blackbirds rise and shift in the wind: tell /that/ to the treasury. Expansive water remains as if ideas do not. Thought is sensed in clouds and no clouds. Geese honk, and that is a fact.  The swallow in the stiff wind executes amazing rationale, and other words. We sicken in times and redwing blackbirds sort. Geese in duplex honk. Sun provides difference, clouds bring assertion. The idea of just sitting is just sitting. Honk is the new yahonk.