Sunday, December 31, 2017

Rogue One for President

Shooting flying things, amidst turmoil of not wanting turmoil. Get away! Excellent weapon Chewbacca people, homegrown Listen, the narrative is explained with narrative. Dad dies, message. It is how narrative explains narrative. Shooting things insist on purpose, making Imperial yelling when shot. And so you are okay to yell when shot explaining your narrative to the narrative of how lately you have been expecting.  The rest is just important.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

How Majuscules Became Important

In day Cloud with harbour
not the light
Of day
Period but  of
day Comma

The groan is of
Rooftop, slanting
Slight light

The beat freaks
The pothos and jasmine

Talking blue
In the cavern
There lessening of

It seems so
Isolate in defining

Figure today
Would be the
Day when
At a beat

Alien instances
Close to how
And Home

Home is
Wending Way

Charles Olson today

Monday, December 25, 2017

The Threat of Mordor

Yorkshire pudding stars flour and eggs with supportive milk in the union of language rises best? Elephant of surprise: high vista of perfect pudding.

High is the experience of throwing, loose. You inject Yorkshire pudding by peaceable means. Resist cancers of all sorts, and their political haven.

Lord of the Rings is a tale about the rising of Yorkshire pudding in the landlock of political meandering. Gandalf resorts to more eggs in Yorkshire and its pudding.

England of course is the land where the Yorkshire pudding secretes its messaging. The words rise in egg clusters of fine vocabulary cook.

The space between words remains thoughtful, unveiling an egg, milk, flour cluster. Bring forth the ring, the one ring of Yorkshire pudding.

The birds, when they make Yorkshire pudding, involve statistics of ingredients. All elements rise in the fire. You shall not pass alone.

Christmas Selfie Shampoo

Blue the babble that
Darting uses
To pronate.

These elf
Signs attach

Alliterative  R in
Rejection smells

Are looking

Same day service
With elephant
Of surprise.

Overflow of
Surcease brings
Beans of sunshine.

Today today
As party to
Blue envious bus-filled.

Repeat as needed.

You Regret the iPhone

Brigadoon the story of two elvish brigadoons, begins slavishly. A wink and early snowflakes become more like elves. Splendid the outcry, 
It is reigning, elves! No hesitation is quick enough to explain the facts. The brigadoons foment a circus on intention starring famous name Waves. Glory of the best kind! The elves indeed and have wholly nothing to say. They melt Frosty with glee and brigadoon marzipan. Conniption, thou art of elvish trace! Who better To handle exclamation points than fresh brigadoon from the Shangri-la district? Early and often, with macabre seatbelts, they seat in Bus that flies.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

The Dancing Day, With Weird Frets

We were talking, exilient. Braids of avalanche suggested the rough season of time. But hark! Slavish popular vote empties midden. The town encloses town. The children held the hands and sparkled.  Trumpets invest trumpets and the day is day. The Flying Bus of legend purrs in the plainness of future. We will see the stars, and their friends the non-stars. Sing choirs of angles! 

Monday, December 18, 2017

Hungry for Signs

The gods are like perhaps you want a crust of bread, and ready ready with the Republic. The gods scoff legion to the brim.  You read a book, sitting down, what’s the chorus? Television show unguents.

How is the language praxis when tidal onus spores in the swell of after all? A question down while look how poetry on the off chance different.

The crust of bread foments to Nowhere. Post vacuum digital bus oh Flying Bus and and give time the Human update radical. It couldn’t be found because it wasn’t a town.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

The Ultimate Anvil of the Striking Gods

A note from such as, in the solstice time:

Please add poetry to the seductive mining of language. Assimilation is possible, in slow motif, while the television pleases various. Sky won’t limit, the factor of Gods will illuminate even the easiest chance. It is now the hindrance of darkness of which the people sing. In the trees, the playful planets, and geese of the intimate ruction, the right resonance resides, or so say the words.

Comment Thread

They would say exceptional space of time and They the other would gawk the moon and overlap. It proved well a tale and then was young. To everyone’s surprise.

Much went into it, and written down it look like a lot. But that was time ago, thinking of famous writers in their shoes.

Autobiography of anyone else Drives that market. Anyone else makes a claim in sentences. verbs and nouns mingle. The words part and

They the other town

Lyric is Simple Enough, You Toads

At first, no poetry could exist because jungle and alibi and webs. Then a desert tent. Then wind.

The pressures arrive with birds. This is not the same nature that met us on the tracks. The news has flowers after all. The Flying Bus streaks across Thinking.

And then, just For poetry, something leaves behind. It can no longer Carry the fame of distraction. The character of lush precinct cools the town.

The Flying Bus of Okay now presumes a new. A day of spectacle eyes arises.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Terrific the Flying Bus

A flying bus all jostle looks honk in sky. That treasure road when people Not so blind. An arithmetic of fancy will save us, say the feathery bus driver. The glossary will let us know. Some towns are cold and chancy, with elevation sold to riches. Yet listen for the hounding. A breath of language in the bus-driven clouds. The best of bird and tree will stay, stay and bright forest. Beneath the bus, all forest and water. The sky remain something blue and fine towards daily then today.

Friday, December 15, 2017

A Pencil as Delightful as Time

The driver turns off the highway...

Later seems like an appellation for a harbour, a touring company. Standing before the slight audience and a poem is glazed eyes. This road? Or some average. It becomes a plan or statements, like sausages in the distance named morning. Late morning, the beginning of a sentence wither smell of clouds and light. The cat sits in the mirror. A sentence wood well enough, with reliant nouns and imaginary verbs. And no birds sing. Appellation arrives later, and the driver turns off the highway. No one is left or right. Only sausages smell like the day of sausages. The road averages out to perplexity, as if a sentence could simulate a road. A more careful performance removed nose hairs. A sentence speaks on condition of not. Ordinary sound bespeaks a road. Off the highway, the driver turned, the highway turned, the highway turned off, the driver turned on. On that moment, rather than in. People certainly learned, to remember what they heard. A smell of clouds and the slanting light of morning sausages, or bread toasted to twilight. Congratulations! You have are qualified to receive (1) Amazon Gift Card of $1000! Like the ordinary driver of anything.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Why I Am Writing Here (a ny poem of somewhere else)

I felt something of very word or was relaxed by pressure. I caved to the freedom to reach definite. I languaged a conscious wading, replete in that way. I talked a good game response. It meant much to be the act, writing down or up. This is a school of thought, and a shoal. It shall please the poetry public. Anyway a long day.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Situational Ethics

That person and/or applied science. Writing
Is one finger. Other fingers meet daily, in
Hand, togetherly. The word just
Made it plain. Ted wrote together. It was always later.
This is the nature of Berrigan Boke.

Gratefully Acknowledges

who left dying
to papered lawyers
excuse of thinking
in time when poems
own time by not
being in
time time
happens when
Ted Berrigan sd 


Monday, December 11, 2017

Dumped Here

The in wrapping stands August and
petals of bloom, at risk factor asserts
children, bison, those of anything left

Then road for some algorithm
and similitude lichen, that hits
high notes in the very season

Cherubs then and wax creatures
wishing bullets full of clover

like a beaming hill

Saturday, December 9, 2017

We Need Pachelbel in the Senate

Progression states facts loosened rock on slopes the variable of  noise and we

Apart with selfless drift of sand more potable than a spring of own

Casual murk on the topic salient loosened pebble in the falling

A strange of After Language in the real sloping side of daily

Anything returns of simple snow rain sun dexterity

That the pattern says the pattern creates the stone and slope and all the way

Friday, December 8, 2017

The Process of Surrogacy

I am the friend of olive oil, all oil, all olive, all entities and visions of oil and olive, until truck stop, simulated deli, cheese in the life of freshness, an apple called Gertrude,  emphasis on dull remarks, and any Friday, despite people who mean to

Monday, December 4, 2017

A President Can’t Even

The historical Alexander talked Aristotle down, down linchpin or whatever, down spooky, down Human ultra, down the lengthy fields of national, down the enduring club, down the entrails of bringing the best. 

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Find the Corner

Wear shit anger brother. Wear the nose hair lady gay. Wear if the drop of stupid feeds the tempus. Let Meaning total. The reef succumbs to water. What is more than your name, still brother? What is the f of your functioning alphabet? It is a fair question, just like demos, villains of ordinary. So the When said closes open with stonewall willing. Fly away, fly a way.

Looking Up at the Big Sky

Phlobos, god or goddess, protean helper app, awesome citadel and non-variable, the closing argument when faced with: may all the basalt variables register get to, in the glum pump of you don’t understand, playing Apollonian vibe while detente. Listen up, goddess or god that sentence, drum with period, help us in the preamble. There were words and what now. I wanted Tax-free religion, said the cow that tastes good. Such such is the beginning of such is the beginninG.

Embedded Systems at the Technical

abundant grey but only a
sky feature, word after word. a hill
centre invites, yet sentence is a 
defenestration colliding
whim with the worship of
just that moment, action.

worried onset of further
morning, gulls maybe in the
sea wash of familiar time.

action releases ocean.

humans invent trAnsistors, to ensure in the moment a moment.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The Grey Cloud

close music
and it is
saying syllable

apposite tent
makes skirl lease in
box office woods

Native American
non-natives close

music from all

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Make Ours a Little Better

united in night after
perplexing adverb
(they appear to
examine a

the weather of
this ballast
strains formal hull
of idea (long odds of
a verb in wishes).

the Coast Guard
is a brand
set in the wavy
little brain
sentence of
a meaning to
mean (some
thing not


Thursday, November 23, 2017

A Tidy Soundbite

dragon of need
send words opting
littoral for coolness
clouds what
sanctity pan-Santa
Tet Offensive
one of many
town slow vine in
then that
collide in this
sorting process
backyard full of
some time and
where you stayed
lunar new
year when
any town
left children
behind the
sound of smoke
and words


The other side of this life

Many recorded versions

Monday, November 20, 2017

We Are Deeply Disturbed to Learn

The funny country with
Leftover loss,
Slur sound, no
Makes a dent

Judge the island in middle of

Language is the sad, and experts,
Floating something
Some time
Everything was

You people

In benefit of
Possible swaying
Flight, new words to
Replace old ones,
Old islands

The funny country
Of fully explained
And the townsfolk
Pieces, piecemeal

In time for
In time, save Donald Duck
God, all the other
Function gods
Look Language
In the eye
And gall,

The space in between

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Legal Rights of Commoners

In an umbrella
The person
Rare vindication
Look seaward
At boats

The French
Crossing The Channel
With bad feat

As a harp tune
Over ocean waved
A poem of 
Placket document

Purchased for

No insolence

Tonight “you”
Will begin
To sad face

Present your
Fire locks


Family of Smart People

Not about Cuba in
sullen sun. Not Syria equating
Sand to earth tone.
Not colored blue sky because
sky, loose light, absolute spectrum. Not
Town in onion field. Onions
Maybe. The Cuba saw
the word, revolution, the
Coast of future. Future help
Too much time. People must
Capitalize correctly.

Incorrect labour, tantamount, the
Expressive assonance. Cuba, it
Was and is, revolution as
Sway, benight, choppy
Waters of be nowhere. Aluminum
Nothing, the varied cane brake, sauce
On Cuba. Nicaragua
Ticket change, Alabama
Stalagmite, the best
Drip down theory, out.

Cuba libre.

News Flush

Central humans sentenced to Hannity. Without relent for crimes of grasp, central humans must Hannity. No proctor will save central, Hannity load stands on. Wish well to central humans as Hannity, so much, so brown leaf. Apres le Hannity, les fleurs sont.same Old Man standing by the mill, which turn it own free will.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Nearby Planet is ‘Excellent’

speak flight the bird on water at breaking place the waves over its place a word for that is that bobbing because bobbing

Sunday, November 12, 2017

And the Neon When It’s Cold Outside

Silence in the close sweep of the tidal tree, the last wave. Green emphasizes touch, colder than just telling. Cold for the pointing to the center and word for reply, the whole truth lets out a calming. Counting proceeds, and transitive verbs in language radio, on. The property of nations is little child, elder flower, temperate flows of just the particular. Populace decision in the light of dawn and setting calls sentence to the moment. Thanks for watching!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Believe it or Not Even

So Rare the definite blue, see the sky. When words let down, a sheen of sunlight named lightly, in person. Powers are being and able is a degree. A verb roughly goes, it is morning. Cold tho the wind relaxes means a population. Neutron remain factual nonsense or timeless, whatever prime. No language at this time, only time, more time, then none one at all.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Shake Your Money Maker

Angels are like fuck off, oh my god. Weak sanctity blurts oh, the trials. We fly by natural right, thinking big time. The marble of awful correct crows reminds testimony, like Apple Off a tree forever, and forever ever. Dave Foofighter,, more public nothing, makes nice midnight and John Ashbery is still poet forever. Still as a dead poet, thanks for nothingness. Angels are like oh so wait.

Hi, I Am Simon and Garfunkel

America the once grew cloven as young and thrift were documents. The piece of thinking always sags but towers are an idea. And when the wake starts, portion control and how the moment spreads magazines of instant after effects. The road goes family till the risk of something, glorious for a taste of sport. John Ashbery told no one of this plain. We must read the radio. The radio, the radio, my dead mother. Father’s Benny Goodman had a drummer for a map.

John Ashbery Was Wrong For America

Even Tho You Know What You Know

You cannot satisfy praise. He wasn’t even taller than the moon. He wasn’t a real verb. His number was not proven. He talked only to wood, stones were leaning gone. Actually too many words were written not found. When he dies, the people think he may not die. But if going is representative, then Language cannot be depended on to sentence or oracle or touch a thumb to nose as was once the wont.  Praise tells praise to make praise, but praise is a word like a corral with possible horses. Horses are impossible!

Monday, October 30, 2017

Tractor Beam Occasion

Together to the brilliant, emphatically
we. When in earth or close time, let
loss settle as we, we. We the town
or nearly. We the stay for

Monday, October 23, 2017

Now They Are Preparing to Go Home

the perfect idea that no one else, please is something circular enabling a blasting false logical premise (hello modern mine), the muse of scorbutic cried call Amazon rain forest, too ill to go On,

The name brand of choice, in the moral sense, is danger modified by you cannot be more than me, tin ear, like a traveling globule of I am someone, or alone, or empty till unemptied, jungles meant for more,

Leaves really transit, After Language and such as province, when thinking in time, 

A poem 

is matted and arrayed anyone
Can tell
Language was here
Once maybe
Only once

And the precursors
Who we are
Want more than 

After that

Approach Care Fully

Dear Occasion,

Do you remember brown? It was fog one day. And the day, it held children in the air, sweetly, with tributes of energy and release. We who are older, no fault to us, stood, let ourselves be seen, smiled. When we said “Okay”, we were loud but right. Then we readjusted. Tomorrow becomes a panoply.

Brown became, rightly enough. We who oversee understanding like trickles. The scape, that sense, was tomorrow full of blooms. Blooms of Wattage, exult, wastage, light light light, and the trees. 

Now we say now, each of us in this vice. Now the tender orange memory, the leaves without chlorophyll, or time registered as rebate. Today the temperate example means fog, and the elevation of query. Process processes, what else would words do? We do what the words say. You have been this moment. Today. Thank you for every,


Sunday, October 22, 2017

Everything Else Can Be Replaced

Mined unbelievable. Listen  much friends, Toaster ovens are sky. The blitzkrieg fabulous was wine couNtry with tear drops. Framework and elephants, those who remain. Story is Bullet feed, with the extraction of Elevator music, telling the brook to gambol. Legend language sorTS Out full deplete, with answerable misdemeanour. MAN is the only? The Education Department has rescinded 72 policy documents that with disabilities of the Trump to eliminate it deems.

Creampuff War

Don’t let the Trump
the least stretch. Invent coffee instead.
The light of energy goes. 
Forward. To keep the moving moment.
Not.  Stopped.
Listen to music Once. A drum is important at
The moment. You need advice.
You need splendid not the last.
Daze. Talking like talking.
Works. A poem crafts

A bite of tea.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Just Take Off

Bring vintage and a sad response to the growing. Like a number thinks of space and additive, and words as simple, so the entity portion describes a music. Words are impossible, after all, but we can reach trickle of expansion a touch of the world.

The mountains are not so intransitive as your next verb. The sentence lives inside. Words see thru the plant we grow in. Unitary selects the dozen, imports the human response. Be open, Children, the viceroy landscape before you.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Dear Living Plants and Human Effort

I have long past right, the mud alluded. Basically I am an effort you know and said that. The best thing is when you have to go back and and and decision.

The clock has had already started to get a good time. We are going out for the first day of school. This game has been the most addictive. 

Of course you have a good idea for the rest of your life.  The game plan is for the kids and is the only reason I am going. I am shipping Off to Boston this morning and I want to see how much the water is going.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Big Sky Big Sky Big Sky

The Big Sky, like that, small
ground portion control. All
the every, release as matter.
Relive. Don’t let it get you
down. An only word
happened while you. You
were waiting in the sleep of
other moment. You down to
trust. Earning the livery
of engagement, one miserable
circle at a time. You can say it.
Do that prosper. That
 prospect arrival. That voice of
Sky Till Now. We are reasons in

a varying front.

Tarmac Meeting

Awesome language
loser machine in
red emergency
we have no.

Tu respond
Repointed galleries, looted
mayhem hashtag degree in
delete human empathy.

Unit singular idle theory
compost nihilism. Cannot make a
sentence. Structure averted
sad , Khadijah case

in form.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

The Regimen

 Clean out
vacuum, make
Wednesday Thursday, sweep
water up,wash
errands, project grass,
dust gift, sweep dishes, organize
dust, make today, plant
shopping, cut floor, get

Down By the Greenwood Sidee

Look at the stun and say something, the crowd of lurking cloud.

Causal clouds with simpatico relish. Brandished firing with
audible livery. Spoken piecemeal moment
sense. Lyrical unguents praise protocol.

We all envy music with it’s simple tree. Words are diaphragms.

Monday, October 2, 2017

I Know the Plans

Religious things work well. We use them to read religious things. Those things feel better when you use them. You use them daily like cheese in excellent sandwich. That is , the formulation concerns attention to details. Verbs move nouns, adjectives make nouns look right, and adverbs show you how the verb works. With religious, it all perfect. The majestic caliber enfolds the Ready Moment.

Listen to Everything

This is a political message of political. Wake up pants, shoes, and other things of that order. Wake like a vest or undergarment, male or female type inclusive. Wake as a grandee pair of gloves with fingertips missing. Wake in the gaudy active tie tack or nose stud. Wake even for a reason. Wake and use exclamations when you dress. Your pants or skirts cannot be flawed. Your shoes cannot whisper. Political likes a good tie of normal, and you will quench.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

The Land of Brief Elite

If one knew the understand or would use it

If if the Near is really the effort is repair it

If such a poor leadership effort by the trees

If trees then sentence

If the difference differs, machine

Longitude of tramp

If such a poor leadership effort by the knees

Latitude of tramp

Monday, September 25, 2017

Spontaneous Ilium

The one
which Is

telling something
won thing

die vision
which is
wan thing

scanned vision
which is one

and they can say
your vocabulary
Is Open
but those
are not your

hunger is a nice
word of
net effect

that position is
an excuse for
that position

deer god