Monday, April 17, 2017

Put His Hand Over His Heart

The town with its very children, not solely the flight of anger into minutes tellingly. Not that finishing of sense as business, a President in parade. The children are the town and we will help. We will let them hold rocks and reach at clouds, we will help them. We will read little books of everything to them, and tell them ponds exist. We will just say look again, anyone said a frame of thing, and feels the world as well.. A President in parade says any useless thing to stay still in saying President President. President lost the town the children just by that.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Tremendous Serial Killers Reach Out to Syria

From the tree that enters the less simple leaf,
from the town that enters the exhuming cloud,
from the tactic that leaves the data,
from the each as every, with
scores of violence, or just language
in its dogged rock, so simple the previous
declension, a ride of decline for the
moderate haze, keeping sentences as relaxed
perimeter until we can speak
again, newfound ejecta along a simple
road of diary and distraction, alert after words but
not before: Savour the different
avenues while speaking, then,
now, at least, speak

Thursday, April 6, 2017


Startling, the weird world between usual. Logical fatback and president derelict in simple saving word. Hides know in reeds like dead last name. People in charge equal light haze over Sentence structure.
Deep pattern, spotted frog. Middle of a poem means the end of any word,

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Help Name New

Maybe narrative produces new trees or sunlight planets. The people talk like that. Europe feels freshness in some of the letters. Some letters make words of people. Thus a story grows.

The question arises and how much time in the posturing reliquary that we voted for saints. The saints have tv. Articles about It exist. In Every case, dogma means alibi.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Express Wattage of Your Best Pants Today!!!

Endless pants for endless people.
The Best pants remain.
Personality pants often.
We are eager pants.
No pants will not survive.
Produce your survival pants.
Indicate in large letters Your Best pants.
Sever from noT pants.
Seek the Best pants in Every meeting.
Secure pants in Best conversation.
When not pants, seem like pants.
Now return to your only average often.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Buck Leadership

We begin with this one more important thing that we can buy. This fence is not allowed. Troubles look like wax.

Will you be the best person ever to read TS Eliot and on this planet? Casual reading fans the causal connection between us and young young man and young young woman.

I hope they don’t like the game because they have to be more expensive. Let us toy with the idea that the way it works is not the same Street as Your Best.

The best ideas are thunder, rodeo, increment, and bonding.

Neighbours Talk of Clusters

The art of the deal, your mother. The last sentence remains a young lady who has been on the way to work. The art of the deal has become more difficult to read.

We have tried to reach a new world. The art of the deal is not a huge fan of art.

Here is a question that will make you feel better: Where can we get a picture with you? You are not alone, you are art of the world, you are the real deal.

Return to town now with dad. Return to town now with mom. We’ve become a neighbourhood where people take pictures.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Capital Gains Tax

Take Russia out to buy a beer. The last sentence was the first thing that was done. I need to get my phone back from my iPhone. Republican leaders have tried to reach a new consensus that they would be allowed to use their Netflix. The Foam of America is not allowed to Create a young man who has a new meaning. What are we doing with this game? The last sentence is a great way to read the description of your own words.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Whatever It Is Now

On earth the sky has become the only thing that exists. Where Do I Tractor at this point?. How can we get more toys?

These young turn love trees to the light. We have tried to reach a new consensus. Pants are the only reason to buy a beer.

Dear Donald Trump, the guide is not a great deal for me. You might be a fan of your own words but It’s you who has been a great display of human remains.

Live to the Puddle of Your Best

Look lunkhead, finish this season with the cancer of a new book. Apply now for the project to add a huge amount of money to buy it all. Live for the first one to get it. Shop in here on the sky and lol the approval rating sticks like glue. This is part of the new world of human rights and the lady who has become the only woman. A huge fan of this game is great.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Done For the Day

They were down to the town where they had a great idea. They say that they have been on point. They are the same as the last year of human trafficking. They are notable enough for their inclusion of their names. They are all over it and said that they were not as glamorous as they were. Peace out. We are the best.

In Every Window

Apartheid was a young young woman ordered to go on the river and to become an American lady. Nazi zombies have tried again to add a different language and to say that they are not human. We have tried to reach a new consensus. It is not the same Street that has become the only thing to do. The pilot of this planet is not the planet.

Again the Dad Dies Today

Look sun, my dad died. Look. Timeline of a young timeline. Look dad, your welcome for the cancer day because of the Gods and the dog is the only thing that works. Look at the new update and the guide to read more. Look what you got for the first time today. The Foam of America has a new world.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

We Went From A President

The Foam of the world has become the only lady. I hope I can buy a huge fish. Where's the new stuff for the first day?

A great game for a free download of all the new words for me. I don’t like how it works but it’s not even worth reading.

Whenever someone speaks the language of words they say that they don’t think. I need to get my hair back.

Trump's Latest Clam

Resistance from the united front office is the first step o!

The Best used a great young young lady to the guide and the guide for young lady and the lady who had the cancer.

A young man is the only person who has the same Street and who is a man.

I don’t think you could ever have tried it but I didn’t know you were a huge fan of the movie.

A lady who has been told that the cancer remains has a huge potential to be a young man.

I need to get a new phone.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Sometimes a River Hard to Preside

Don’t the stop closeness with fitted media a la internal rhyme. Roast fitful by organic degrees. The fell. Tool republican in no republic. You can glance at signatures all the time. Language poetry, tongue fall, loot motion, cellarage founded on hashtag. No language exists in people only words lost fountain

Monday, March 6, 2017

Scrawled on Rock

Human notices rock. Seems moon or some flying chariot, sort of thing. Pure experience, embrace new religion. Old religion slow down. Pants suits, leisure suits.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Focused on Reversing

People would be necktie. Download if unrepeatable lock on Heaven.

Capital remains an insight of holding nothing in great handfuls. Sauce for the gruntled in timourousness radiation.

Pond scum vivid flame, the use of owls in prelogic cortex farts. Download reel map plays in head.

Head temperature equals satrapy. Satrapy becomes goal of satrapy.

Hear Download, tectonic data, fly over Eagle Nebula.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Denatured Dabbling in the Hearing Now

Subduction of TheKennedys by before Rob Lowe talks to Donald. A capital TheKennedys most Important of nothing.  Bend spending money in language between each Buddha pedal on this semiotic bike going whoa because adrenaline, you fair no diffrent. Periods for saps with nothing more to say rant a bald function for increments of demeaning, like woods before fire. Sow TheKennedys as Camel Lot, the desert of thinking closer. A decade later than a decade before, all along the timelin, sprouting words as timetables. Donald as capital rob low and lower just by speaking in between. That bardo that bardo that bardo…

Thursday, March 2, 2017

"This is All That Ever Staggered"

The most important of nothing. The Tarzan of edge forest Jane hear bird there, hear here. The Fu Manchu hiss verbs, nouns, the like, owning world. Read the fiction.

Tramp walks into a presidency, sez I am discharge. Only a familiarity, informal terms of conduct.

The leisure suit of prospect or golf course, these breed control. Most women become pantsuits, less likely. The desperate villain married at 19, owned stock in matter, preyed everyday: mighty is the dew that forms each morning, each morning forms. Poems become that way, or words in any way.

What then legal, unaltered, approved, useless to the god of unpopped beer cans? Snakes find seasons of skin, why cannot we?

Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Best Think of Mentioning

Trotting G sibilant fibrillation. The sage wattage frequent circle becomes. Masterpieces are a huge part for the new one and of my chapbook the project of one tree. The only thing that works is a simple word. I don’t know what the words sound like. This allowed me to read the description of as soon as possible.

Going to War Against His Own Intelligence

Rendition of pavanne brokerage, to the age of mostly
swift faction,

like saying red becomes almost when the mind means

blood. Blood for circular boosts
mercantile process while imagine a
child without.

These are possible. So

is the stroke of the oar (and
more), away from the cold land

fund. So is the imagination that scares
the elegy building massive.

Nodules don’t sound
poetic except when

seen as parts of an existing sense
and sentence, even willed to release stupid

formations of center load.

Opinion and the ranks, the given becomes
the gone.

Gore for certain theories, we are
as children, in the gloom.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Where Do I Tractor, Sir?

Santa Claus to Elves alert alert extra exclamation point toys toys tactical turnstiles for children thinking moodily must make more toys more more toys gold like the sun toys that that terrorize Sweden Swedes in mufti muffling traitor must feed toys to boys not girls must feed Swedish terrorist the last word is terrible must feed it it it does not belong must feed toys toys to boys End Message Famously Important


Strontium peptide launching stone filled idle PresidentIcal thrombosis oozing ack ack tribune fluff gored casket mouth stain regent irreparable plonk license scouse syndrome satisfaction. Your dad made you reach, duh!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Sound Bight

We are talking you words. You want letters in words for time. We wake if talking loud good, stop pronouncing arithmetic. Each time the number same, the difference almost? Children delete program. They say gosh! Words are almost tolerant but three Waukesha effective staples resemble klieg. Return to town for a while and and is the first to unscramble a new book and of a young lady with the same and and and of a young woman and or ways to History battering…

Friday, February 17, 2017

Children Among Dead

Someone from cancer said not more time. Not the open trail. Something to the guess.

Bed, breathing things, meters with metrics. Language cannot be that important in the cancer. Circles back to tribe.

Someone from cancer doesn't not know the difference, stupid after fall. Someone cancer someone something. Thing is the person left to that.

Advice: when you cancer, rebuff. Too much inkling on the squeal. He said a lot of shit. The cancer kind, unkind.

Reel Leaks Fake Nose

Collide steeple coming home, impulse from the above. Factory apple tree among resolute working class. The men of meaning lost cause, lifted effect. Men equal old time minus any left. Right can be able if that tho let edge cut, open door as nice station. The problem with is problem me OR else new supply, later instruction. Sort words by nature, capital, and prole. Shadows finish the light.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Republican Alternative to History

Predominant people over ocean words
Last cetacean clerical

Contra nouveau reaction
Resistance patter brain
Child eyes

Resistance encephalopathy
Which never had

The cornered poem
Continues unabated


People Look Weak

The name of the tree becomes town.
The verb in the centre becomes child.

Lattice of moss in the reverend sentence.
Pastoral mock in the liberty throngs.
Bells work like banging,
Complaining gentry.

Last gantry into space.

Stampede Module

Crustaceans have left American
Politics out:
Too dissolvable
Almost edifice.
Alarming in progress or tape expanse.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Twilight Zone of the Gods

Wind beginning. Cold Yeti touch. Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts write letters across the bridge. Vapours of the Last begin. Children cannot represent towns anymore, only climate change. The machine says many things.

Here the town begins to decay. It takes effort of the slide. Winter carries no foreboding beyond the obvious delusion of primacy. Wait here. The content of the tweet.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Same Street asYour Last Fart

The endtimes agree with your Arabian rug. You present fascicles of presumptuous moan as a record of granulated traits. Askable sky resumes Topic, now slowed by aging ask. Plumes the misery of adjusted now in frantic cadence. We all can see a trace of rapture in the mud you swell in. You tunnel from the town, the town heals the line.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Tiny Hands the Day

Intro glass in which. Then far thing, such cloud or horizon thing. This Sunday as magma. Report: grey clouds as absorption.

Possible emphasis on meaning, constitution. A period of exploit associated with Sentence. You are a man or woman or some thing reading. This. It is not a construct.

The clouds huddle grey moisture in the teeming consequence of one more question. Dactyls for Donald, beyond beyond reproach.

Return of the Topic Sentence

Thank the lumpen matrix, the language went in okay. The main program word on disease glows glows. Filaments for sentences call language bumps as clear in thingness. Natural ash makes a river now when neutral night for neutral day alongside of the lacking. Children are portable empty of the future. Residue line remains: simple sortilege for simple sentiments.

Monday, January 30, 2017

The Foam Protective Covering of the President

The left of the world matter, with voice as a doctrine. Human remains only anything while vital graphics tell story. The people tell, just like bivalves. Mind is part of nothing. The town is no longer true. Resist stains, people! The town remains some people, remains some plane and arrangement. NO president is enough, or anything at all.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Season of the Which

Possible tractors versus impossible ones. Impossible ones advantage, target language, understand. If places no proxy, envelope within space-time etc, constant throb. Whereas the particular, vis-a-vis plaintiff, saying something. While this: embouchure, that voice machine. Otherwise, practical incantatory. And yet, potential break from humanity. OH OH: there is no humanity. Exclamation point (now walk away)!.

Dots in the Big Sky

Final language lives on dockets, trails behind the rumour. You people are your people, the fit you understand. Language by the glove fits patent desert. Patient desert in the simple digest called burning by no stretch imagination. Loose verb lose excellent in flighty adjective. Period arrives next from this sentence. Maybe tomorrow is the town today, where no one is a noun.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Ceci n'est pas Trump d'oeil

This beginning works like magic, speaking liberally of forces. Walls include what remains outside, as well, as motion in the executive chamber. Flowers include non-flowers in every year (so far). You are what they are, they are what one is. One is a word between us. All words rest and resist between us. Abide mere ocean, abide sullen moon.

Executive Order Patrol

A simple idea or day, program without true forest.  The end of timelessness Incorporates with the blasting tolled.. Note the empire of small empire presenting constriction as a verse for safety. We are inclined to live after all. If you can remember a plaything in the sum totals, fill your smart glass. This is very emergency!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Monday, January 23, 2017

Donald Trump's Blunt

When oft in desultory flabbergast, the dinner table embouchure strikes pitiless conceit. And tho the fervid fleshy afflatus dream conceals the mooted dight, the formless nexus oompah band corrals the reckless hake. So too in embolisms of rosy contrast, the drool of iffish proportions strains the mage-like mien. To what, then, the coke-considered Ramadan inside the sportive brief? Paisano praisebook efforts the inkling behaviour in in in ingles of aleatoric wobble. Thus the cambric wayside garage, thus the motor hotel congeal.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Dawn of Alternate Truth

Topic sentence begins the search, among authors of tree. A stone really ordinary like footpath indirection, plus discretion. An at instead of to belongs to you. The movement is a foot just as music is a string. We have this harvest, approximate to our haste. Expedient words remain in the gully where they belong.

Something Else

The size crowd emerges variance factory date  time. The numbers include people like language in a system with people coloured in, terms and satellites aloft for reference points. Listening to a gas while trees  all over the planet placed in dismay. Planets include effectively vatic sky. Vatic states vatic.  Whatever  else might mean may mean, the trees will go ballistic.

Monday, January 16, 2017

See Your Language Seeking You

Perfect embolism without sun in mind. Practical aesthetic from first to last denial. Oceans perversely accepting anything.

Townships of affable alienation. Like a cloud, they say, in the reach of its clouding. A form of treason just by meaning to mean, in the midst of what we

empty as a stream

Drafted for Leisure in the Midst of War

It’s not just dreaming by piles of electric, the feathered jolt to integrate. We have bundles lost in magnitude, the thought experiments of getting out of town. Vague extension becomes process, and words become dilettantes. Praise Ocean for accepting us! We are dreams inside cans of dreams.

Trump Says Fast

Words carried over to the next sentence, in terms of first sentence, but impeded by following words. To the extent, says the finite snow one day. The president’s Twitter account has been hacked and the berries of wisdom scattered. No one knows a period, only commas,

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Energy Hang

Trump noted wood bee open to renal splatter. Poem archaic spelling counts. Trump non-verbal memorandum pilot. Lint leaking wood be plane if not cymbal. Collected oxen of proof Doctor. Dickhead impedance flopping pronounced.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Carry Out the Plan

elaborate bridges, take time, resist patron, fall asking, sleep dangerously, lose wonderingly, pile off, fund free, see more, light hop, state

pond water where we live, the life after living in the pond life, the sentence in the pond, the pond life

aerate the water of the pond life, raise the pond, drain the man who mentioned the draining, fall to the point and fail to relate

status borne status, berserker twitter, fire plies

Sunday, January 8, 2017

More Celeb Couples Make Us Swoon

in our cosmic background, in the same same light trifled by dying, in the situational ethics committee ponderosa, in the eye of the beholden, in the grace of cracking fire, in the same sentence as any other

word, so marks the event of,

between us or, as a sample page,

the clearly less lexicon,


in a pine box cavern wordage,
frantic timely assay,

the means between the means, us, in the same sentence, participle,

quiet violent Republican data, of which the dickered Democrats resist by assenting,

and you,


the agon property, while gee the Golden Globes for every Monet on Earth, every Monet!

Table Plain

An element in power, across snow and
great clouds. After a moon and tough cold
with eel, see plain. See temperature as
a dilation of cause. See lightness in the
sprig of word. See eel in the water
wheel in the sky. After bird a colour
of political effort. The war begins like
anything else: Settled provost in the frost,
careless spatial patterns in effective
darkness, whirled possible reproach
because those Greek states thought
they knew.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

The Pitter Patter of Pitter Patter

The Pitter Patter of Pitter Patter

“in the tender canticle”, as we like to say with words. The effort of effect or effect of effort transforms the politics of just some things: people, things, ideas, people, person, thought, thoughtless, people, portion, portion, people, place, place of people, and people. In told, numbers are words and are numberless, a logical grievance told from above or below. So exact are words, and the people they make, that words, words, only then what a grimace makes of a word, or something something smoke. So, in conclusion we

Legally Ignore Work

Says the door, shadows, piling light into no light, a little at a time.

Woke to dream kingfisher hovering, the moment of approval.

Waiting for the elect, like taking a tractor to Mars.

No light return when all light woke, amazing in the middle.